Pictures of Events

I hope to increase this section of the gallery. This page list pictures relevant to specific events. If you want me to include your event ... feel free to invite me!


2002 SLC Games ( 64 pictures): Pictures from the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

2003 Utah Arts Festival ( 39 pictures): Pictures from the 2003 Utah Arts Festival

A Day In the Park ( 13 pictures): Pictures from a Day in the Park hosted by KRCL.

Basketball ( 2 pictures): Images related to basketball

Business Expo 2013 ( 22 pictures): Pictures from the 2013 Salt Lake Business Expo.

Christmas Street ( 30 pictures): Pictures from Christmas Street in Salt Lake City.

Elizabeth Smart Welcome Home Party ( 15 pictures): Pictures of the Elizabeth Smart Welcome Home Party.

Events ( 6 pictures): Pictures of Events.

FLDS Rally ( 14 pictures): Pictures of the August 2006 FLDS Children's Rally in Salt Lake City.

Fireworks ( 32 pictures): Pictures of Fireworks

Float Preview ( 60 pictures): Pictures from the Pioneer Days Float Preview at the South Towne Exposition Center.

Fourth of July ( 60 pictures): Salt Lake City Fourth of July.

Juggleball - First Game ( 16 pictures): juggleball

July 4th Teaparty ( 98 pictures): Pictures of the July 4th Tea Party at the Utah Capitol.

Lewis and Clark ( 13 pictures): Photos along the Lewis and Clark trail.

Mike Lee Rally ( 41 pictures): Pictures from the Mike Lee Rally on November 2, 2013

Model UN ( 51 pictures): This gallery shows pictures from the 54th annual Utah State Highschool Model United Nations.

Musicians ( 4 pictures): Music and musicians

Native American Festival ( 5 pictures): Pictures of the Pioneer Day Native American Festival in Liberty Park

OccupySLC ( 28 pictures): Pictures from the 2011 OccupySLC protest.

Pioneer Days Parade ( 107 pictures): This galley shows pictures from the 2007 Pioneer Day Parade.

Recess Rally ( 10 pictures): Pictures from a Rally that wasn t

Saint Patrick s Day Parade ( 97 pictures): Pictures taken at the Saint Patrick s Day in Salt Lake on 3/15/2003

Salt Lake Business Expo ( 49 pictures): Pictures from the Salt Lake Business

Salt Lake Business Expo 14 ( 20 pictures): Pictures from the 2014 Salt Lake Business Expo.

Salt Lake Marathon 2010 ( 173 pictures): Pictures from the 2010 Salt Lake Marathon.

Salt Lake Tea Party ( 44 pictures): photos of the Tax Day Tea Party in Salt Lake City.

Social Media Club - Salt Lake City ( 19 pictures): Pictures taken at the Salt Lake Social Media Club.

Spooky Pictures ( 4 pictures): A gallery with spooky or Halloween related pictures.

Stand Up for Religious Freedom - SLC ( 37 pictures): Pictures from the 2013 Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally in downtown Salt Lake.

Venture Outdoor Festival ( 44 pictures): Pictures of the 2012 Venture Outdoors Festival

Total Pictures: 1217

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