Salt Lake Business Expo

49 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40, 40-49 (05/16/2012) A display by the owners of at the Salt Lake Business Expo.

Salt Lake Business ExpoSalt Lake Business Expo (05/16/2012) Entrance of the Salt Lake Business Expo.

Salt Lake Biz ExpoSalt Lake Biz Expo (05/16/2012) The crowd at the Salt Lake Business Expo.

Free FoodFree Food (05/16/2012) The food court had free samples of food from top restaurants the valley.

Cool BikeCool Bike (05/16/2012) A Salt Lake PR firm has a cool bike.

Harry ElephanteHarry Elephante (05/16/2012) According to the web site, Harry Elephante is the lead designer at Punchline Advertising.

Harry ElephanteHarry Elephante (05/16/2012) I started making elephant about Harry Elephante which resulted in a disapproving stares from the staff.

Avalanche StudiosAvalanche Studios (05/16/2012) Avalanche Studios is a professional film production studio.

Salt Lake Biz ExpoSalt Lake Biz Expo (05/16/2012) The Salt Lake Business Expo.

Girl ScoutsGirl Scouts (05/16/2012) Representatives of the Utah Girl Scouts at the Exposition.

Meier s BBQMeier s BBQ (05/16/2012) Meier's BBQ offers a traveling facility for catering.

Rocky Mountain RecyclingRocky Mountain Recycling (05/16/2012) A recycling firm serving Salt Lake.

Orange SodaOrange Soda (05/16/2012) Orange Soda has a really cool bike.

FishbowlFishbowl (05/16/2012) The Fishbowl display at the Salt Lake Biz Expo.

Utah Valley DisplayUtah Valley Display (05/16/2012) An booth by the Utah Valley Convention Bureau.

Catch the WaveCatch the Wave (05/16/2012) Catch the Wave has a really cool burl bowl.

NamifyNamify (05/16/2012) Namify offers promotional products.

nothingBUNDTcakesnothingBUNDTcakes (05/16/2012) nothingBUNDTcakes was one of the many eateries offering samples.

Biz DrawingBiz Drawing (05/16/2012) Lowe's was using fancy touch screen computers to take entries for a raffle.

CenturyLink VehicleCenturyLink Vehicle (05/16/2012) A display by CenturyLink.

49 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40, 40-49

Salt Lake Business Expo

The Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce hosts an annual business expo. The 2012 exposition was held in the South Towne Exposition Center. This gallery shows pictures of the 2012 exposition. I made a gallery of the 2013 business exposition.

The cost to attend the exposition was just $5.00 and they didn't demand any proof that my "business" is a legitimate business; So, I spent the day playing the charade that Community Color is a legitimate web design firm.

You can find information on the exposition on the site UV Expo.

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