Elizabeth Smart Welcome Home Party

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Elizabeth Smart PartyElizabeth Smart Party (03/14/2003) Pavilions for the `Welcome Home Elizabeth Smart Party`

CelebrationCelebration (03/14/2003)

Salvation ArmySalvation Army (03/14/2003) Salvation Army Emergency Services made a showing during the Elizabeth Smart welcoming home party.

BalloonsBalloons (03/14/2003)

Rocky AndersonRocky Anderson (03/14/2003) Hmm, I don't have the right equipment for taking pictures of speakers.

CakeCake (03/14/2003) Too blurry, there was cake, pizza, hotdogs and goodies at the event.

The Smart FamilyThe Smart Family (03/14/2003)

The PressThe Press (03/14/2003) The press was out in force.

Well WishersWell Wishers (03/14/2003)

Cottonwood TreesCottonwood Trees (03/14/2003)

Free FoodFree Food (03/14/2003) The welcome back celebration featured hot dogs, soda, chips and other assundry goods.

Ballon DistributionBallon Distribution (03/14/2003)

FireworksFireworks (03/14/2003) The Elizabeth Smart Welcome Home Party ended with a fireworks display.

Elizabeth Smart FireworksElizabeth Smart Fireworks (03/14/2003) The party ended with a fireworks display

Trolley Corner TheatersTrolley Corner Theaters (03/14/2003) The sign says "Welcome Home Elizabeth Smart"

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On March 14, Salt Lake City Celebrated the recovery of Elizabeth Smart. The event was rather important in that it occurred after months and months of bad news on the economic and international fronts.

For people work on social welfare and missing children cases, the event was especially joyous, since so many cases end dismally.

Having a weakness for big public events, I decided to check out the celebrations and attended the event. I arrived a bit late. Mayor Rocky Anderson gave a speech followed by an impassioned plea from Ed Smart to support the AMBER Alert project for missing kids.

Several organizations donated food (hot dogs, pizza, cake). There was a cake, balloons and fire works.

The evening ended with several songs from Utah Jazz's Thurl Bailey. Overall, the evening was an enjoyable, emotionally uplifting event.

Context: Events

Salt Lake City (434 pictures) The Smarts live in Federal Heights area of Salt Lake City.

Liberty Park (100 pictures) The celebration took place in Liberty Park on 3/14/2003.

Elizabeth Smart Welcome Home Party (15 pictures) Salt Lake used the north west corner of the park to celebrate the return of Elizabeth Smart.


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