Pictures of Campus

Americans love their Colleges and Universities. Many campuses serve as a show case for the best architecture in the community.

I've found the best time to visit a campus is on Saturday and Sunday ... when parking is free and the students sleeping off hang overs.


Campus Photos ( 7 pictures): Pictures of Campuses across American

Colorado State University ( 50 pictures): Pictures of the Colorado State University (CSU) Campus.

Grand Junction High School ( 8 pictures): Pictures of Grand Junction High School (GJHS) in Grand Junction.

Mesa State College ( 15 pictures): Pictures of Mesa State College in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Salt Lake Community College ( 44 pictures): Pictures of Salt Lake Community College Campus.

Southern Utah University ( 78 pictures): Pictures of Southern Utah University (SUU) in Cedar City.

University of Idaho ( 37 pictures): Pictures of the University of Idaho in the beautiful college town of Moscow, Idaho.

University of Montana - Missoula ( 17 pictures): Pictures from the University of Montana in Missoula, Mt.

University of Utah ( 201 pictures): Pictures of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Washington State University ( 60 pictures): Pictures of Washington State University taken in April 2002. With fresh blanket of snow, the bright red pictures of the WSU brick buildings stood out stronger than normal.

Westminster College ( 48 pictures): Pictures of Westminster College in Salt Lake City. Westminster is a private liberal arts college.

Total Pictures: 565

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