Pictures of Nature

The wide open, undeveloped vistas of the Western United States is extremely important to our nation's heritage. I believe strongly that we should keep as much of this area set aside and left in a semi developed state.

The greatest danger of the west is suburban sprawl. Sadly, a large number of people in the Real Estate Industry have developed a profitable boom and bust formula for turning farm land and open spaces into sprawling developments.

We must find ways to resist this economic trend. In my opinion the best course of action involves promoting development in existing cultural centers (see Community Color), promoting the protection of wilderness and promoting those industries that leave open undeveloped lands such as logging, ranching, tourism and farming.

This web site includes pictures of Mountain Wests. My goal is to provide an accurate reflection of what is in our communities and surrounding open areas. The gallery includes a large number of flower pictures, landscapes with mountains and desert along with pictures of trails and campgrounds.


A Hole In the Park ( 8 pictures): This is a set of photos that shows a hole that appeared in Mount Olympus Park in 2022

Flower Power ( 145 pictures): Pictures of garden flowers.

Invasive Weeds ( 16 pictures): Pictures of invasive plants in the Rocky Mountains. When plants from the Rocky Mountains travel abroad, they become invasive weeds. Amazing, isn't it?

Mushroom and Fungi ( 19 pictures): Pictures of Mushrooms and other Fungi.

Pictures of Farms ( 2 pictures):

Plants ( 8 pictures): Pictures of plants

Ponds ( 2 pictures): Pictures of Ponds

Roots ( 4 pictures): pictures of roots

Seeds ( 12 pictures): Pictures of plants going to seed.

Snow Shoveling ( 37 pictures): Snow Shoveling in Salt Lake City January 2013.

Snowy Scenes ( 62 pictures): This gallery shows pictures of Snow.

Trees ( 44 pictures): Pictures of Trees

Wildflowers ( 123 pictures): Pictures of Wildflowers of the Western US.

Winter Views ( 7 pictures): Pictures of Winter

Total Pictures: 489

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