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Welcome to the American Highway. This gallery includes scenes along American Roads (primarily in the Mountain West). As a matter of convention, I title the gallery Highway for US Highways, Interstate for US interstates and State Highway for State Highways (I list the state name in the description).

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Daniel Summit ( 25 pictures): Pictures of the Daniel Summit Resort area on US 40.

Highway 30 ( 13 pictures): Pictures of US Highway 30

Highway 89 ( 20 pictures): Pictures from US 89 in the Western United States.

Highway 93 ( 207 pictures): Highway 93 (U93) runs North/South through the Western States, winding its way through Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Montana and into Canada. The road sees a collection of landscape from the rocky deserts of the south, to the towering Mission Mountains.

Highway 95 ( 22 pictures): Pictures of Highway 95.

Highway US 40 ( 31 pictures): Pictures of US Highway 40.

Highway US 6 ( 10 pictures): Pictures of US 6

Interstate 15 ( 88 pictures): Pictures from I15, which runs north east from Los Angeles through Nevada, Utah, Idaho and Montana.

Interstate 70 ( 51 pictures): Pictures from Interstate 70.

Interstate 80 ( 103 pictures): Pictures of I80.

Interstate 84 ( 56 pictures): This gallery shows pictures along I84.

Interstate 90 ( 1 pictures):

Lake Bonneville Rest Stop ( 11 pictures): Pictures of the Lake Bonneville Rest Stop on I84.

Malad Rest Stop ( 13 pictures): This gallery shows images from the I15 Rest Stop just south of Malad, Idaho.

Mirror Lake Highway ( 167 pictures): Pictures from the Mirror Lake Highway

Pine Valley Mountains ( 14 pictures): Pictures of the Pine Valley Mountains between Cedar City and Saint George.

Roadcuts ( 7 pictures): Pictures of Road Cuts

Salmon River Drive ( 79 pictures): Pictures downriver from North Fork.

Scenic Route 75 ( 27 pictures):

State Highway 133 ( 29 pictures): Pictures along State Road 133.

State Highway 28 ( 38 pictures): Pictures from Highway 28 in Central Idaho.

State Highway 32 ( 31 pictures): pictures along Utah State Highway 32

The Belt Route ( 22 pictures): Pictures of I215 which wraps around Salt Lake City.

The Pinto Road ( 30 pictures): Pictures from the Pinto Road in the Pine Valley Mountains of Southern Utah.

US 287 ( 13 pictures): Pictures of US 287 in Northern Colorado.

Upper Setting Road ( 18 pictures): Upper Setting Road in the Uintas

Valley Metro ( 2 pictures): Pictures of the Valley Metro in Phoenix

Total Pictures: 1128

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