Lewis and Clark

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Meeting of the MindsMeeting of the Minds (04/09/2002) The meeting of Sacajawea and her tribe was one of the most dramatic moments during the voyage of discovery.

SacajaweaSacajawea (04/09/2002)

Bitterroot MountainsBitterroot Mountains (04/09/2002) These peaks of the Bitterroot Mountains were the main reason that Lewis and Clark had dropped so far south in seeking their cross continental route. They crossed the Bitterroot again after they learn the Salmon was not navigatable.

DownriverDownriver (06/01/2002) Subtract out the road, and you will have a good idea of the scene that William Clark saw before deciding not to follow the Salmon River west.

Highway 93Highway 93 (06/02/2002) Dropping into the Bitterroot Valley.

TendoyTendoy (04/09/2002)

Hungry Wet and ColdHungry Wet and Cold (06/01/2002) The Lewis and Clark explored the Salmon River Canyon, and spent several days camping in this region while they explored the possibility of taking the Salmon River west.

Canyon WallsCanyon Walls (06/01/2002) William Clark followed the river down to Pine Creek, the rising canyon walls and rapids made him reject the River of No Return as a viable route to the pacific.

Pine Creek BridgePine Creek Bridge (06/01/2002) Looking back up to the Pine Creek Bridge.

Lewis and ClarkLewis and Clark (04/09/2002) The Lewis and Clark Expedition crossed the Continental Divide east of Tendoy and dropped down into what is now called the Lemhi River.

Salmon RiverSalmon River (06/01/2002) The Salmon River moves swiftly into the deeper canyons. This certainly would be an intimidating place for the first white explorers in the area.

Pine Creek RapidsPine Creek Rapids (06/01/2002) Standing on the Pine Creek Bridge, you can get a good view of the rapids. I would try to avoid the hole in the center of the river, oh, and the rocks on the side. Hmmm, the road looks like a good route. I don't see why William Clark didn't take the road.

North Fork ValleyNorth Fork Valley (06/02/2002) A view of the North Fork Valley, and the horrific road cut made during the recent construction. Lewis and Clark hiked along the river then cut up to the ridge on the left of the picture.

1-13 Pictures

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Pine Creek (28 pictures) William Clark turned around near Pine Creek. This is a good place to get out of the car and stretch the legs.


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