Pictures of Rivers


Bear River ( 7 pictures): Pictures of Bear River in Southern Idaho and Northern Utah.

Bear River ( 14 pictures): Pictures of the Bear River which runs through North Eastern Utah, Southwest Wyoming and Southeast Idaho.

Beaver Creek - Uinta ( 21 pictures): Pictures of Beaver Creek in the Uinta Mountains

Boise River ( 26 pictures): Pictures along the Boise River.

Clearwater River ( 6 pictures): Pictures of the Clearwater River in Idaho.

Colorado River ( 96 pictures): Pictures of the Colorado River.

Duchesne River ( 10 pictures): Pictures of the Duchesne River.

Palouse ( 8 pictures):

Panther Creek ( 9 pictures):

Parleys Creek ( 43 pictures): Pictures of Parleys Creek.

Pine Creek ( 28 pictures): Pine Creek flows into the Salmon River. William Clark followed the Salmon down to the Pine Creek Rapids and turned around.

Provo River ( 107 pictures): Pictures of Provo River, Jordanelle Reservoir, Deer Creek Reservoir and Provo Canyon.

Provo River Falls ( 17 pictures): Provo River Falls in the Uinta Mountains

Salmon River ( 137 pictures): Pictures of the Salmon River in Central Idaho. Dubbed the River of No Return, the Lewis and Clark expedition saw the steep walls and crashing rapids as too rugged, and chose to divert north on their trek across the United States.

Snake River ( 14 pictures): The Snake River flows from the High Tetons, through Southern Idaho to Kennewick, Washington where it joins the Columbia River.

Spokane River ( 6 pictures): Pictures of Riverfront Park at the Walkway along the Spokane River.

The Clarks Fork River ( 4 pictures): The Clarks Fork River is one of the major rivers of Western Montana.

Weber River ( 91 pictures): Pictures of the Weber River in Northeastern Utah.

Total Pictures: 644

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