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The Microsoft StoreThe Microsoft Store (05/30/2013) The Salt Lake City Social Media Club Party took place in the Microsoft Store on the East Plaza of the City Creek Center.

Social Media ClubSocial Media Club (05/30/2013) Folks socialize at the birthday bash of the Social Media Club.

Social Media ClubSocial Media Club (05/30/2013) There is a small meeting space in the rear of the Microsoft Windows Store. Microsoft will let select nonprofits and educational groups hold meetings at the venue.

Party in the StoreParty in the Store (05/30/2013) The Microsoft Window Store is lined with large monitors. People can play video games on the walls. These people are with the Social Media Club Salt Lake Chapter.

SocializingSocializing (05/30/2013) Most of the people at the social media club are social-able. Some are off-standish.

Watching the PresentationWatching the Presentation (05/30/2013) The meeting included a short presentation on the Social Media Club.

Speaker at SMCSpeaker at SMC (05/30/2013) A speaker at the Social Media Club of SLC

Pole Vault MediaPole Vault Media (05/30/2013) Pole Vault Media provided the pizza at the SMC bash. In return Jaron Robbins was given a chance to talk about Pole Vault which is a full service media company run by students.

PresentationPresentation (05/30/2013) Doc gave a presentation on the Social Media Club and upcoming plans for the Salt Lake Chapter of this international club. The club hopes to transition from a open community chapter to a fully organized chapter.

Board of DirectorsBoard of Directors (05/30/2013) Doc lines up the current Board of Directors ... and yes the job is a bit like herding cats.

SMC SLC BoardSMC SLC Board (05/30/2013) These are the members of the SMC SLC chapter. Their names are on the wall. They are Doc, Cat, Clark, Nicole, Shawn, Brandon and Jessica. (yes, my picture cut off people).

Drawing for SwagDrawing for Swag (05/30/2013) The event included a drawing for swag. I was not among the lucky winners.

WinnerWinner (05/30/2013) The winners of swag were required to pose for a picture ... a picture that can and will be used against them in a court of law.

Milling AboutMilling About (05/30/2013) People attending the Social Media Club birthday bash.

Birthday CakeBirthday Cake (05/30/2013) Social Media Club Bash ended with the cutting of a birthday cake to honor the club's seventh anniversary.

Rescue MissionRescue Mission (05/30/2013) While I was on my way to get free food at a social event, I passed a group of people lined up at the Salt Lake Episcopal Rescue Mission.

Salt Lake ConstructionSalt Lake Construction (05/30/2013) This view of the Salt Lake Skyline will soon be gone as they construct the 101 Tower. Of course, I am one of those who cannot see the skyline for the skyscrapers.

Social Hall PlazaSocial Hall Plaza (05/30/2013) This is the West Side of the Social Hall Plaza. The guy who was standing in front of the East side of the plaza is following the intrusive person who took his picture.

Microsoft MugMicrosoft Mug (05/30/2013) I was delighted to get a Microsoft Mug at the SMCSLC at the Microsoft event because I had recently broken another coffee mug.

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Social Media Club - SLC 2013

On May 30th, 2013 I crashed the 7th Birthday Bash held by Social Media Club of Salt Lake City. The meeting took place at the brand spanking new Microsoft Store in the City Creek Center. The event included free pizza given by Pole Vault Media.

The Social Media Club is an international organization for people who are actively engaged in advancing social media.

I crashed the club under the auspices that Community Color is a directory thousands of links to local entities in the Salt Lake Valley which is theoretically advancing awareness of the local community.

During the meeting I snarfed down three pieces of free pizza. I quaffed a free bottle of water, ate several girl scout cookies while passing out business cards hoping that it will increase traffic to my site. If that wasn't enough, the group gave me a bag with a brand new coffee mug. I was pleased to get the mug because I broke my last coffee mug.

Microsoft Store

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City Creek Shopping Center (122 pictures) The meeting took place at the new Microsoft Store in the City Creek Center.

Salt Lake City (439 pictures) After the meeting, I took some twilight shots of Salt Lake City and the State Capitol.

Utah State Capitol Building (181 pictures) To burn off the birthday cake, I hiked up to the Utah State Capitol and snapped some photos.


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