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Occupy SLCOccupy SLC (10/08/2011) Occupy SLC marches off to Occupy Main Street.

Bingham CycleryBingham Cyclery (10/08/2011) Bingham Cyclery occupies an interesting loft building next to Pioneer Park.

Tent VillageTent Village (10/08/2011) OccupySLC had a tent village in the middle of Pioneer Park.

Tent VillageTent Village (10/08/2011) OccupySLC set up a tent village in the heart of Pioneer Park. They intend to occupy the park until there is radical change.

Occupy Urgency Broadcast SystemOccupy Urgency Broadcast System (10/08/2011) An urgency broadcast system is up and running with information about the Salt Lake Occupation.

Free FoodFree Food (10/08/2011) OccupySLC offered free food during the Farmers Market.

Food BoothFood Booth (10/08/2011) As I understand, this is a free food booth operated by OccupySLC. I did not actually go up to see if I could get free food.

Thai Chef To GoThai Chef To Go (10/08/2011) A restaurant booth for the Farmers Market.

Waste Wise StationWaste Wise Station (10/08/2011) A WasteWise Station helps people separate recyclables from the trash in Pioneer Park.

Trailer StageTrailer Stage (10/08/2011) A band plays on a portable stage at the Salt Lake Farmers Market.

Five O`clock ShadowFive O`clock Shadow (10/08/2011) Two young ladies have developed a five o`clock shadow.

Marchers Under a CraneMarchers Under a Crane (10/08/2011) Marchers under a crane returning the Pioneer Park.

Marchers ReturnMarchers Return (10/08/2011) The OccupySLC marchers return to Pioneer Park after occupying Main Street.

Occupy SLCOccupy SLC (10/08/2011) Folks in the OccupySLC movement.

ONE Night ClubONE Night Club (10/08/2011) OccupySLC Marches past ONE Night Club. I hadn't seen this club before. I will put it in my Night Life directory.

OccupySLC MarchersOccupySLC Marchers (10/08/2011) Having Occupied Main Street the OccupySLC marchers return to occupy Pioneer Park.

Money Is Not Free SpeechMoney Is Not Free Speech (10/08/2011) Money and speech are different things.

Tail EndTail End (10/08/2011) The tail end of the noon march.

OccupySLCOccupySLC (10/08/2011) The OccupySLC group back in Pioneer Park. The dog is not too happy with the little boy who wants to pet a dog.

OccupySLCOccupySLC (10/08/2011) People return from the march to Pioneer Park. The two dogs just noticed eachother.

Tent VillageTent Village (10/08/2011) The sign actually is interesting. I wonder if the author of the sign has figured that this whole Occupy movement was a calculated effort to increase division in our society. Occupy is about uniting one group of Americans against the rest.

Occupy Urgency BroadcastOccupy Urgency Broadcast (10/08/2011) This is an Occupy Emerency Broadcast.

StuffStuff (10/08/2011) Stuff at OccupySLC.

TentsTents (10/08/2011) This is my favorite picture from the OccupySLC event. A person is checking some sort of electronic device in the tent city.

Sanitation FacilitiesSanitation Facilities (10/08/2011) I love the little portable sanitation units alongside the port-a-potties.

Communal GatheringCommunal Gathering (10/08/2011) A communal gathering at OccupySLC.

Free School People s LibraryFree School People s Library (10/08/2011) A free school people's library helps educated the public on radical change.

People Over ProfitPeople Over Profit (10/08/2011) The message of the Occupy Urgency Broadcast is "People over Profit."

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I went to the OccupySLC protests held on October 8, 2011 in Pioneer Park in downtown Salt Lake City. I also attended the Salt Lake Farmer's Market.

I was there at a noon rally on Saturday during the Salt Lake Farmers Market. I thought that would be a highlight of the protest, but I was not sure about the group's schedule. People at the even were not eager to talk to photographers.

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Pioneer Park (47 pictures) OccupySLC is camped out in Pioneer Park.

Salt Lake Tea Party (44 pictures) OccupySLC is the leftwing version of the TeaParty.


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