Pictures of Constructions

We are humans. That means we build things. This collection of galleries is about the process of building of the result of our urges to build. The gallery includes images of buildings, stadiums and my favorite subject bridges.


1300 East Bridge ( 26 pictures): 1300 Bridge Construction

3300 South Bridge ( 33 pictures): Pictures of the construction of the bridge over 3300 South over I215.

Bridges ( 36 pictures): Pictures of Bridges

Civilian Conservation Corp ( 4 pictures): Pictures of Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) projects.

Independence Square - Murray ( 8 pictures): Photos of independence square in Murray.

Memorials ( 14 pictures): Pictures of Memorials.

Playgrounds of the World ( 61 pictures): Pictures of Playgrounds of the World.

Salmon River Bridge ( 37 pictures): Pictures of the Salmon River Bridge in Salmon, Idaho.

Signs ( 39 pictures): This gallery has pictures of signs.

Trains ( 22 pictures): Pictures of trains and train depots.

Total Pictures: 280

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