Native American Festival

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Cowboys and IndiansCowboys and Indians (07/24/2007) A trailer for `The Cowboy` sits just outside the circle chosen for the Native American Festival.

LimoLimo (07/24/2007) This limo was parked adjacent to the Powwow Grounds. My guess is that Rocky Anderson is attending the event.

Hula HoopersHula Hoopers (07/24/2007) This was really cool: A rock band was playing to a throng of pint sized hula hoopers at the Pioneer Day Parade.

Hula Hoopers RockHula Hoopers Rock (07/24/2007) Young Hula Hoopers rock out during the Pioneer Days festivities at Liberty Park.

A HooplaA Hoopla (07/24/2007) Another shot of the Hula Hoopers at Liberty Park.

1-5 Pictures

The Native American Festival

The Native American Festival and Powwow is an integral part of Utah's Pioneer Days festivities. Native Americans, afterall, were the first people to settle the west and have a long and proud cultural tradition.

The center piece of the festival is a traditional powwow. A powwow is a gathering that includes community festivities along with a series of judged dances and music. There is a whole series of powwows that take place throughout the West. The Liberty Park Powwow is great because it is an event that shares the Spirit of Powwow with the whole Utah community.

If you are attending either the Days of 47 Parade or the evening fireworks, you really should plan to check out the Native American Festival!

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