Salt Lake Tea Party

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Utah Tea PartyUtah Tea Party (04/15/2009) I stopped at the post office to finish off my taxes on the way to a tea party.

100 South and State100 South and State (04/15/2009) Only the well insulated would brave the Salt Lake Tea Party.

Tea Party CrowdTea Party Crowd (04/15/2009) The Tea Party Crowd on a snowy Salt Lake Street.

Wallace F. BennettWallace F. Bennett (04/15/2009) A crowd gathers at the Wallace F. Bennett Federal Building in downtown Salt Lake in protest of the excess spending being done by people including his son.

Key Bank BuildingKey Bank Building (04/15/2009) A crane works upon the Key Bank Building in the background of the Salt Lake Tea PArty

Don t Tread on MeDon t Tread on Me (04/15/2009) A protestor with a "Don't Tread on Me" flag (unfortunately, my lens fogged up).

Elect Capitalists Not SocialistElect Capitalists Not Socialist (04/15/2009) People were ontop the artwork trying to get a view of the speakers.

Flag WavingFlag Waving (04/15/2009) Flag wavers on 100 South.

Tea PartyTea Party (03/22/2009) This is my first shot at making a commercial shot for stock photography. It is a candlelit scene of a tax form and a place setting for a tea party.

Liberty Income TaxLiberty Income Tax (04/15/2009) Most people missed the midday rally as it took place during a work day. Tax day is the busiest day for folks in the tax filing biz.

Save Trees, Stop Printing MoneySave Trees, Stop Printing Money (04/15/2009) People expressed a variety of views at the Salt Lake City Tea Party.

Snowy DaySnowy Day (04/15/2009) A walk on a snowy day in Salt Lake.

Peter Pan ApartmentsPeter Pan Apartments (04/15/2009) A shot of the Peter Pan apartments demonstrations the tax day snow.

Flowering TreeFlowering Tree (04/15/2009) A flowering tree withstands the mid April snow in Salt Lake City.

Apricot BlossomsApricot Blossoms (04/15/2009) The popcorn popping on the apricot trees appears to be getting a premature chill on this tax day.

100 South in the Snow100 South in the Snow (04/15/2009) Another view of the snow.

Making a StatementMaking a Statement (04/15/2009) A free market advocate opines during the Salt Lake Tax Day Tea Party.

On the Steps of the Federal BuildingOn the Steps of the Federal Building (04/15/2009) People had gathered under the sheltered entrance of the Federal Building during the Tax Day Tea Party.

Tax Day Tea Party PatriotsTax Day Tea Party Patriots (04/15/2009) People gathered at the Salt Lake Federal Building to protest wasteful spending.

Camera WorkCamera Work (04/15/2009) Unable to get close to the speakers, I decided to steal the picture in the view finder of this photographer.

44 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-44

An Iced Tea Party

This gallery shows images from the 4/15/2009 Tax Day Tea Party at the Federal Building in downdown Salt Lake City. The tea parties are part of a national expression of frustration with uncontrolled Federal Spending.

Salt Lake's Tea Party was hampered by a late Spring snow fall. It was a wet saturating snow, and my camera lens kept fogging up.

The Tribune reports that about 2000 people showed up at the event. The pictures I have don't really show the size of the crowd. It was sufficiently large that I was not able to muscle my way up to take pictures of the speakers. The steps of the Federal Building is not the ideal location for a community event.

Just Paying the Bills

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