Venture Outdoor Festival

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Climbing Wall and SlideClimbing Wall and Slide (06/16/2012) A climbing wall and fun slide were main attractions at the Venture Outdoor Festival.

Spidy on PatrolSpidy on Patrol (06/16/2012) Spidy was on patrol at the festival.

Main StageMain Stage (06/16/2012) A variety of artists performed on the main stage in the center of the booths.

Fun SlidesFun Slides (06/16/2012) This playground equipment is located at Canyon Rim Park in Mill Creek Township.

Venture OutdoorsVenture Outdoors (06/16/2012) Kids work on a display at the Venture Outdoor Festival.

Volleyball GameVolleyball Game (06/16/2012) The festival was centered around an open area in the park that included activities like this volleyball game.

Bubble MachineBubble Machine (06/16/2012) A bubble machine was helping people keep the fun clean.

Garden ArtGarden Art (06/16/2012) Artwork on display at the festival.

Medical DisplayMedical Display (06/16/2012) A display at the venture outdoor festival.

Therapy Animals of UtahTherapy Animals of Utah (06/16/2012) Therapy Animals of Utah brings trained animals to people in need.

Pony RidePony Ride (06/16/2012) The festival included pony rides for the little ones.

Reduce Reuse and RecycleReduce Reuse and Recycle (06/16/2012) The sanitation department was on hand to educate the public on problems of excess waste.

PetSmartPetSmart (06/16/2012) PetSmart hosts a number of pet related charities in the Salt Lake Valley.

Open AreaOpen Area (06/16/2012) Canyon Rim Park has large open areas ideal for a community festival.

Open Area and BoothsOpen Area and Booths (06/16/2012) Looking across the activity area to the back of booths at the festival.

Sun Light Solar ProSun Light Solar Pro (06/16/2012) Sunlight Solar Pro was educating the public on alternative energy.

Inflatable TentInflatable Tent (06/16/2012) An inflatable tent was used for a golfing activity.

City of MillcreekCity of Millcreek (06/16/2012) 2012 was the big year for residents of Mill Creek Township to decide if they wanted to become MillCreek City (the measure lost in the general election).

Festival BoothsFestival Booths (06/16/2012) Booths at the Venture Outdoor Festival.

Studio CoveStudio Cove (06/16/2012) Studio Cove is a gym in the Olympus Hills Mall.

42 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40, 40-42

The Venture Outdoor Festival is an annual community event held in Canyon Rim Park in Mid June.

The festival includes a variety of outdoor activities and information booths. The 2012 booths included groups offering outdoor activities, promoting alternative energy, kids activities and political booths.

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