Pictures of Hiking

The best way to experience the mountain west is on foot. This page includes photographs taken from popular trails. In some cases the gallery will contain pictures from multiple trips.


A Walk Through the Big City ( 135 pictures): A photo walk through downtown Salt Lake City

Albion Basin ( 86 pictures): Pictures from the Wasatch Wildflower Festival in Albion Basin.

Angels Landing ( 59 pictures): Photos of the ascent of Angels Landing in Zion National Park.

Bells Canyon ( 21 pictures): Pictures of Bells Canyon, on Lone Peak just outside of Draper, Utah.

Big and Little Water ( 110 pictures): Images from the Big and Little Water Trail areas in Mill Creek Canyon

Blodgett Canyon ( 41 pictures): Blodgett Canyon

Bonneville Shoreline Trail ( 137 pictures): Pictures of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail.

Bowman Fork Trail ( 71 pictures): Pictures of the Maple Grove Picnic Ground and Bowman Trail in Mill Creek Canyon.

City Creek Canyon ( 35 pictures): Pictures of City Creek Canyon and Memorial Grove in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Corona Arch Trail ( 31 pictures): Pictures of the Corona Arch Trail by the Colorado River.

Daly Trail - Park City ( 25 pictures): Picture along the Daly Trail in Park City.

Desolation Trail ( 71 pictures): Pictures of Desolation Trail in Mill Creek Canyon.

Devils Garden ( 60 pictures): Pictures along the Devils Garden Trail in Arches National Park.

Dinosaur Hill ( 19 pictures): Pictures of Dinosaur Hill between Fruita and the Colorado National Monument.

Elbow Fork to Lambs Canyon ( 87 pictures): Pictures of the Elbow Fork to Lambs Canyon trail in Mill Creek Canyon.

Ferguson Canyon ( 64 pictures): Pictures of Ferguson Canyon in the Wasatch Mountains.

Grandeur Peak ( 158 pictures): Pictures of Grandeur Peak Trail and of Grandeur Peak in Utah's Wasatch Mountains.

Granstaff Canyon ( 14 pictures): Pictures from Negro Bill s Canyon near Moab, Utah.

Great Western Trail ( 12 pictures): Pictures of the Great Western Trail

Kokopeli Trail ( 26 pictures): This page is a place holder for pictures of the Kokopeli trail.

Lake Blanche Trail ( 115 pictures): This is a collection of photos of the Lake Blanche Trail in Big Cottonwood Canyon

Mill B North Fork Trail ( 33 pictures): Pictures of the Mill B North Fork Trail in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Mill Creek Canyon ( 196 pictures): Pictures of Mill Creek Canyon in the Wasatch Mountains.

Mount Aire ( 57 pictures): This gallery shows images from a hike up Mount Aire in Mill Creek Canyon.

Mount Olympus Trail ( 7 pictures): The Mount Olympus Trail starts on Wasatch Boulevard at Pete s Rock. It then heads up the side of the mountain.

Mule Hollow ( 9 pictures): Mule Hollow is a short side canyon in Big Cottonwood Canyon. The hike has good views of Storm Mountain.

Neff's Canyon ( 264 pictures): Pictures of Neff's Canyon in the Wasatch Mountains.

Pipeline Trail ( 129 pictures): Images of the Pipeline Trail in Mill Creek Canyon

Rail Trail ( 49 pictures): Photos of the Rail Trail between Park City and Echo.

Red Butte Canyon ( 50 pictures): This gallery shows pictures from Red Butte Canyon in Salt Lake City.

Slickrock Trail ( 34 pictures): Pictures from the Slick Rock Trail near Moab, Utah.

Stoddard Pack Bridge and Trail ( 12 pictures): Pictures of the Stoddard Pack Bridge. This is a wooden suspension bridge across the Salmon River.

Taylor Creek Trail ( 34 pictures): Pictures of the Taylor Creek Trail in the Kolob Canyon region of Zion National Park

Terraces to Elbow Fork ( 47 pictures): Pictures of Mill Creek Canyon from Terraces to Elbow Fork, including the Terraces - Elbow Fork Trail.

Timpooneke Trail ( 22 pictures): Pictures of the Timpooneke Trail

White Canyon ( 22 pictures): Pictures of the Black Box in White Canyon. This is a slit canyon that drains into Lake Powell.

Winter Wood ( 54 pictures): Pictures of Neff Canyon during a winter snow storm

Total Pictures: 2396

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