Business Expo 2013

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Spring BlossomsSpring Blossoms (05/31/2013) Spring blossoms outside the Southtowne Expo Center.

South Town Expo CenterSouth Town Expo Center (05/31/2013) An entrance to the South Towne Expo Center.

Biz Expo 2013Biz Expo 2013 (05/31/2013) Orange Soda snagged a booth near the center of the Salt Lake Business to Business Expo.

Free FoodFree Food (05/31/2013) Catering services offer visitors a delightful selection of free treats.

Interviewing a Salt ShakerInterviewing a Salt Shaker (05/31/2013) A camera crew interviews a salt shaker at the business expo. The business expo is where one meets the movers and shakers in the business community.

Camping OutCamping Out (05/31/2013) This group set up camp in the Northeast corner of the exposition.

Half EmptyHalf Empty (05/31/2013) In years past, the Salt Lake Business Exposition would fill a full section of the South Towne Exposition Center. As the recession drags on, the exposition barely filled a half of the room.

Salt Lake Business ExpoSalt Lake Business Expo (05/31/2013) The Business expo features lines of booths for local business to business networking.

Spacious BoothsSpacious Booths (05/31/2013) The booths at the 2013 exposition were more spacious than in years past.

Salt Lake ChamberSalt Lake Chamber (05/31/2013) Each of the chambers serving the Salt Lake Valley had booths at the exposition.

BoothsBooths (05/31/2013) Booths at the Salt Lake Business Expo.

RVRV (05/31/2013) This group uses an RV for their exposition booth. Smart thinking. That's what I should do. Buy a van. I could live in it as I moved from exposition to exposition. Unfortunately, I probably couldn't afford the parking.

Olive and CocoaOlive and Cocoa (05/31/2013) Olive and Cocoa offer gift baskets full of gourmet treats.

Networking SpotNetworking Spot (05/31/2013) A place to network among patio furniture.

Elaborate BoothsElaborate Booths (05/31/2013) IntegraCore had one of the more elaborate booths at the Salt Lake Business Exposition.

Dune BuggyDune Buggy (05/31/2013) A business brought the corporate dune buggy. (ahem, business expositions play a vital role in the economy by creating an opportunity for the company to write off the dune buggy as a business expense. ahem.)

Business NetworkingBusiness Networking (05/31/2013) Booths at the Salt Lake Business Exposition Center.

Miller Motor Sports ParkMiller Motor Sports Park (05/31/2013) The Miller Motor Sports Park has a large truck.

BBQ EngineBBQ Engine (05/31/2013) Meier's has a cool BBQ engine.

Well Used SaddleWell Used Saddle (05/31/2013) Meier's Catering also sports a well used saddle. Anyone with a well used saddle can't be all bad.

Exposition DisplaysExposition Displays (05/31/2013) A sampling of displays at the Exposition.

Salt Lake Exposition CenterSalt Lake Exposition Center (05/31/2013) Entrance to the South Towne Exposition Center.

1-22 Pictures

Salt Lake Business Expo

The annual Salt Lake Business Expo is the largest local business networking event in the Salt Lake Valley. The event is located at the South Towne Exposition where it attracts businesses from both Salt Lake and Utah County. For that matter, there were almost as many businesses from Provo as Salt Lake.

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