Fourth of July

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Festival GoersFestival Goers (07/04/2006) People attending the 2006 Fourth of July Celebration in Sugarhouse Park.

Sugarhouse FountainSugarhouse Fountain (07/04/2006) Sugarhouse Fountain framed by Mount Olympus.

Emergency PreparednessEmergency Preparedness (07/04/2006) A line of privies for the fourth.

HelicopterHelicopter (07/04/2006) Prior to the event a military helicopter circled above.

Crowd GathersCrowd Gathers (07/04/2006) There was a fierce thunderstorm in the late afternoon that cut the afternoon crowds. Here are people taking their seats.

Main PavilionMain Pavilion (07/04/2006) The Main Pavilion.

Afternoon ConcertAfternoon Concert (07/04/2006) Prior to the fireworks, there was a series of concerts.

Inflatable PlaygroundInflatable Playground (07/04/2006) An inflatable playground in Sugarhouse Park as part of the fourth of July celebrations.

Tin Can TrainTin Can Train (07/04/2006) A fun train brings the young ones on a tour of Sugarhouse Park.

PerformersPerformers (07/04/2006) Two performers practicing their art.

Highland HighHighland High (07/04/2006) A patriotic truck with large flag in back prepares for the Fourth of July celebration in Sugarhouse Park.

CyclistCyclist (07/04/2006) A cyclist rounds the dangerous Port-a-Potty bend in Sugarhouse Park.

The Crowd ThickensThe Crowd Thickens (07/04/2006) The Fourth of July Gathers in Sugarhouse Park.

Fourth of July CrowdFourth of July Crowd (07/04/2006) There was a wicked thunderstorm that cut the Fourth of July crowd in half. These hardy folk are gathering for the fireworks.

Main PavilionMain Pavilion (07/04/2006) Live bands play on the stage entertaining the Fourth of July crowd.

TV CrewTV Crew (07/04/2006) The Fox 13 TV crew is on scene. The amazing thing is that the large tower came out of the small truck.

Well Established CampWell Established Camp (07/04/2006) A well established camp at the fourth of July celebration. They appear to have a ranging fire in their grill.

Sugarhouse ParkSugarhouse Park (07/04/2006) A crowd gathered for the 2006 Fourth of July Celebration in Sugarhouse Park.

Sugarhouse PondSugarhouse Pond (07/04/2006) The birds in the park have a hard time dealing with the large Independence Day celebration in their home.

Men in RedMen in Red (07/04/2006) A group of serious looking men in red at the Fourth of July celebration.

60 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-60

Fourth of July

Pictures of the 2006 Fourth of July Celebration in Sugarhouse Park.

This gallery has three pages, the fireworks start on the second page of this presentation. I was experimenting with long exposures and got a few interesting effects.

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Sugarhouse Park (89 pictures) Salt Lake's main July Fourth Firework Display happens at Sugarhouse Park.

Fireworks (32 pictures) Yep, they have fireworks every year.


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