2003 Utah Arts Festival

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Arts FestivalArts Festival (06/19/2003) The 2003 Salt Lake Arts Festival takes advantage of the large green lawn of the City County Building.

Weather VanesWeather Vanes (06/19/2003) A display of decorated weather vanes, water wheels and wind mills at the 2003 SLC Arts Festival.

Puppet ArtistsPuppet Artists (06/19/2003) Custom designed puppets by Marnie and Bill Winn of Darby, Montana.

Ellison - Fickinger DesignsEllison - Fickinger Designs (06/19/2003) A delightful piece of iron work on display at the 2003 Utah Arts Festival.

Ellison - Fickerson BoothEllison - Fickerson Booth (06/19/2003) There are numerous boothes filled with arts from iron sculpture to sandals at the festival.

Utah Arts FestivalUtah Arts Festival (06/19/2003)

Art in the ParkArt in the Park (06/19/2003) A cascading fountain is adorned by stray pieces of art.

GuardianGuardian (06/19/2003) An ancient guardian of Arts Festivals past protects the entrance to the Library stairs.

Art TreeArt Tree (06/19/2003) A sculpture by JuxtaPop.

Chairs with a ViewChairs with a View (06/19/2003) Maybe not the most practical bar stools, this chair and table set by Chris Coleman can help elevate a conversation.

Park StagePark Stage (06/19/2003) With the City County Building as a backdrop, the Park Stage provides a venue for artists throughout the 2003 Utah Arts Festival.

GlobeGlobe (06/19/2003) A globe with the Library fountain as a backdrop by Utah artist Chris Coleman.

Library WalkwayLibrary Walkway (06/19/2003) Statues by Chris Coleman protect the library's walkway.

Booth DisplaysBooth Displays (06/19/2003) Tom Jackson's booth display in the 2003 Utah Arts Festival.

Jossy LownesJossy Lownes (06/19/2003) Jossy Lownes of Park City displays a collection of her paintings at the 2003 Utah Arts Festival.

Festival StageFestival Stage (06/19/2003) The Festival Stage is on the northeast corner of the City County Building lawn, and provides ample seating for performances and musicians.

Splash PaintingSplash Painting (06/19/2003) Adults can pit their talents against Jackson Pollock and create their own splatter paint. Don't worry about getting paint on yourself...it is part of the process.

Splatter ArtSplatter Art (06/19/2003) Is is art or is it just plain fun? Two abstract impressionists work on an inspired work during the opening day of the 2003 Utah Arts Festival.

Wheels and FountainsWheels and Fountains (06/19/2003) Back to the collection of water wheels.

Keeping BeatKeeping Beat (06/19/2003) Music lovers can add their rhythm to the festival's beat with this collection of drums in the center of the 2003 Utah Arts Festival.

39 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-39

2003 Utah Arts Festival in Salt Lake City offers something for everyone. The festival runs from June 19-22. The festival has two main stages with a continuous slate of bands and visual performances as well as a large collection of art booths and activities for kids.

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Each year, the arts festival celebrates a different section of the city. The first festivals were in downtown Salt Lake. They moved to the newly constructed Triad Center, then had sojourned at the Utah Fair Ground. The 2002 Festival was in the Gallivan Center (a downtown hotspot for the 2002 Olympics). The 2003 festival has moved to the Square between the new Salt Lake Library and the historic City County Building.

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Salt Lake City (439 pictures) The Utah Arts Festival takes place in downtown Salt Lake City on the third week in June.

UTA Trax (156 pictures) Avoid parking hassles, ride a bike or take Trax.

Salt Lake City Library (92 pictures) The 2003 Arts Festival is in the new Library Square to the north of the New Salt Lake County Library.

City County Building and Court House (44 pictures) The festival also claims the eastern half of the park at the City County Building.

Gallivan Plaza (45 pictures) The 2002 Festival was held in the Gallivan Plaza in downtown Salt Lake.


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