Salt Lake Business Expo 14

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Olive and CocoaOlive and Cocoa (05/14/2014) Olive and Cocoa have a delightful selection of corporate gifts on display.

Credit Sense CageCredit Sense Cage (05/14/2014) A little bit of ironwork makes a convention booth stand out.

South Towne Expo CenterSouth Towne Expo Center (05/14/2014) A shot of the exposition hall as I exit the 2014 business expo.

State Street BizState Street Biz (05/14/2014) This restaurant across from South Towne has hit hard times.

Exposition EntranceExposition Entrance (05/14/2014) The gigantic banner for the business exposition actually looks small compared to the size of the entrance of the Exposition Center.

Meier s CateringMeier s Catering (05/14/2014) One of the cooks from Meier's Catering demonstrates the finer points of lassoing customers at the Salt Lake Business Exposition.

Rows of BoothsRows of Booths (05/14/2014) There are rows of booths with local businesses networking with business consumers.

Feel My PillowsFeel My Pillows (05/14/2014) This booth offers extremely comfortable pillows filled with memory foam and covered in a soft bamboo fabric.

YipTelYipTel (05/14/2014) YipTel is a local telephony firm.

Networking at the BoothsNetworking at the Booths (05/14/2014) The booths allow businesses to network with potential costumers.

Golf GalaxyGolf Galaxy (05/14/2014) Some of the booths have drawings and contests.

Business NetworkingBusiness Networking (05/14/2014) Booths for networking at the Salt Lake Business Expo.

Exposition RoyaltyExposition Royalty (05/14/2014) I was honored to meet the Queen of Wraps herself at the Salt Lake Business Expo. The Queen of Wraps makes advertising displays for cars.

America First CU DisplayAmerica First CU Display (05/14/2014) Banks generally make a good showing at business expositions. This display was for America First Credit Union.

Miller Motorsports ParkMiller Motorsports Park (05/14/2014) Miller Motor Sports Park brought along a race car and go cart.

Exposition DisplayExposition Display (05/14/2014) The i4 display at the Salt Lake Business Exposition.

Center BoothsCenter Booths (05/14/2014) The center booths at the exposition brought along comfortable seating for networking.

Meier s ChickenMeier s Chicken (05/14/2014) Meier's Chicken wrangled up a cowboy from the old west to hock grilled grub.

SaddleSaddle (05/14/2014) A Salt Lake Caterer has a BBQ trailer, guitar and saddle.

Megaplex TheatreMegaplex Theatre (05/14/2014) Cinematic characters were coming off the big screen at the Megaplex theater booth.

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Once again I crashed the Salt Lake Business Conference in the South Towne Exposition Center. This exposition is the biggest business event along the Wasatch Front with exhibits from Ogden, Salt Lake and Provo. I was able to buy my ticket online for just $3.00.

Sadly, the event seems to be getting smaller and smaller each year. Back in the day it filled the Salt Palace to capacity causing the organizers to move to the new exposition center in Sandy. The first years in Sandy, the exposition would fill the main hall. Last year the main hall was half full. This year, they moved the exposition to a smaller hall.

If the size of the exposition indicates the future of business, then things look quite bleak for the private sector economy this year. Web Hosting $6.95

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