Pictures of Camping

Traveling? Why not spend the night out under the stars?

New TentI used to be a camping snob ... preferring primative campgrounds in hidden places. In recent years, I've converted to camping in developed areas. I even went so far as to buy a tent (as opposed to a bivy sack)!

This gallery contains images of campgrounds scattered throughout the Mountains. But first, here are links to stores:


Big Bend Campground ( 23 pictures): Pictures of Big Bend Campground on the Colorado River.

Blodgett Campground ( 12 pictures): Blodgett Campground

Honeycomb Rocks ( 27 pictures): Pictures of the Honeycomb Rocks Campground near the Enterprise Reservoir.

Ledgefork Campground ( 30 pictures): Pictures of Ledgefork Campground in the Uinta Mountains about Smith and Morehouse Reservoir.

Moonflower Campground ( 19 pictures): Pictures of Moonflower Campground.

Provo River Campground ( 16 pictures): Pictures of the Lower Provo River Campground in the Uinta Mountains.

Redman Campground ( 15 pictures): Pictures of Redman Campground in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Wasatch Mountain State Park ( 14 pictures): Pictures of Wasatch Mountain State Park near Midway, Utah.

Washingon Lake ( 46 pictures): This gallery includes images of Washington Lake and surroundings on the Mirror Lake Highway

Weber Canyon - Cottonwood Picnic Area ( 19 pictures): Pictures of the Cottonwood Canyon Picnic Ground in Weber Canyon.

Yellow Pine ( 82 pictures): Pictures of the Yellow Pine Area in the Unita National Forest along the Mirror Lake Highway.

Total Pictures: 303

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