Salt Lake Marathon 2010

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Marathon CrowdMarathon Crowd (04/17/2010) A marthon size crowd at the Gateway in 2010.

George Eccles BridgeGeorge Eccles Bridge (04/17/2010) The Georges Eccles Bridge on the morning of the 2010 Salt Lake Marathon.

Dark StepsDark Steps (04/17/2010) The steps up the Georges Eccles Bridge.

Queuing up in the DarkQueuing up in the Dark (04/17/2010) The riders for the bicycle tour had queued up in the dark by the time I arrived.

Riders in the DarkRiders in the Dark (04/17/2010) The bicycle tour starts minutes before dawn.

Cycling in the DarkCycling in the Dark (04/17/2010) The bicycle race starts in the dark.

Bicycle RaceBicycle Race (04/17/2010) Bicyles lined up for the Salt Lake City pre-Marathone bike tour.

Blurred TrainBlurred Train (04/17/2010) The Trax Train blurs past riders preparing for the pre-marathon bike tour.

Bicycle RacersBicycle Racers (04/17/2010) A view of cyclists preparing for a race.

Bike ShadowsBike Shadows (04/17/2010) A few of the cyclists were smart enough to bring headlights for the start of the race. The lights made some interesting shadows.

Final PreparationFinal Preparation (04/17/2010) Just seconds from the start of the race ... sadly, they turned off the lights and i couldn't get the race start.

Bike TourBike Tour (04/17/2010) Cyclists line up for the pre Salt Lake Marathon bike tour. The tour starts shortly before dawn.

The Race is OnThe Race is On (04/17/2010) The cyclists start in the dark.

Cyclists at the MarathonCyclists at the Marathon (04/17/2010) The cyclists for the pre-race bike tour flow under the Olympic memorial bridge.

First MileFirst Mile (04/17/2010) Cyclists start on the pre race bike tour.

University Trax StationUniversity Trax Station (04/17/2010) Cyclists pass the Fort Douglas Trax station for an early morning bike race.

Blurred RaceBlurred Race (04/17/2010) Early morning bike race

Cycles and TrainsCycles and Trains (04/17/2010) Marathon day offers a mix of bikes, trains, and well worn shoes.

Lighted BridgeLighted Bridge (04/17/2010) The George Eccles Bridge lighted for the marathon.

University Medical CenterUniversity Medical Center (04/17/2010) A building at the University of Utah Medical Center.

173 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 80-100 , 100-120 , 120-140 , 140-160 , 160-173

Salt Lake Marathon

The Salt Lake Marathon is an annual event with a variety of events including an early morning bike tour of the marathon route, a marathon, half marathon and a 5K walk/run.

The site Marathon Foto has a massive gallery of marathon related photos.

My new Nikon D90 has a video feature. I decidede to try it out by recording the first three minutes of the race and uploaded to YouTube. My copy has a substantially higher resolution. The video shows the racing crowd split by the Trax Train.

Context: Events

University of Utah (189 pictures) The Marathon Started at the George Eccles Olympic Memorial Bridge between the U of U and Fort Douglas. This gallery shows additional pictures of the U.

Gateway Plaza - Salt Lake City (118 pictures) The race ended at the Gateway Plaza.

Fort Douglas (24 pictures) I took additional pictures of Fort Douglas while attending the marathon.


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