Juggleball - First Game

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Lemhi MountainsLemhi Mountains (05/01/2010) I was hoping to play the first juggleball game on the Continental Divide ... sadly the pass was still closed. This picture shows the Lemhi Mountains in Idaho.

Stained GlassStained Glass (05/01/2010) Every house should have a stained glass window in the john.

First Three JuggleballsFirst Three Juggleballs (05/01/2010) These are the first three Juggleballs. The globe is an old stress ball I got when I bought an HP computer. The other balls are light squishy balls I found in a toy store.

First BallsFirst Balls (05/01/2010) The first three juggleballs prepare for their voyage around the world ... i wonder how far this game will fly ... or will it fizzle?

JuggleballsJuggleballs (05/01/2010) I like the texture of the table so I took multiple shots.

A Free LunchA Free Lunch (05/01/2010) A bear statue on Main Street in Salmon, Idaho.

FiresideFireside (05/01/2010) Sitting by a really large fire in a really large fire place. Connie is player #2 in Juggleball.

Kyle and WaynoKyle and Wayno (05/01/2010) Wayno (player 1) and Kyle the dog.

OspreyOsprey (05/01/2010) A large bird, possibly an osprey, circled over Island Park in Salmon.

Diving HomeDiving Home (05/01/2010) The bird is diving towards its home on perch on Island Park.

Preparing for the GamePreparing for the Game (05/01/2010) Coco (player 0), Connie (player 2) and Gini (player 4) play a game of fetch.

Salmon River in SalmonSalmon River in Salmon (05/01/2010) The Salmon River from island park in Salmon, Idaho.

A Fetching TragedyA Fetching Tragedy (05/01/2010) This is a tragedy! Coco desparately swims up river while the stick.

Kyle on Island ParkKyle on Island Park (05/01/2010) I used this picture of Kyle on Island Park for one of the title balls on Juggleball.com.

JuggleArtJuggleArt (05/01/2010) I made an artsy image of three photo bubbles over island park the official first photo in the JuggleArt program.

Salmon RiverSalmon River (05/01/2010) Image shows a portion of the Salmon River from the foot bridge to Island Park.

1-16 Pictures


My new project is a thing called Juggleball. This is a social networking game where people meet, juggle for a bit and exchange both their juggleballs and possibly JuggleArt.

I played the first juggleball game on May 1, 2010. The immediate response to starting a new project was that I was overloaded with other projects that people wanted me to finish before working on the new project. Hopefully, I will be able to play a second game before the end of the summer.

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Salmon River Bridge (37 pictures) The first juggleball game took place on Island Park in Salmon, Idaho.

Salmon, Idaho (84 pictures) Additional pictures of Salmon, Idaho.


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