Pictures of Places

Our sense of place is a primary component of our self definition. In this project, I show images from places that I have visited. The primary focus of this gallery is towns. Since I spend a great deal of time in the mountain west, I have chosen to list towns in Utah, Colorado, Idaho and Montana into seperate categories. Below you will find images of others towns I've visited.


Black Diamond Campus ( 18 pictures): Pictures of the Black Diamond Facilities on 3900 South in Holladay Utah.

Brickyard Plaza ( 48 pictures): Pictures of the Brickyard Plaza in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Cove Fort ( 19 pictures): Pictures of Historic Cove Fort near the intersection of I15 and I70.

Ebenezer Bar ( 7 pictures): Pictures of Ebenezer Bar on the Salmon River in Central Idaho.

Gateway Plaza - Salt Lake City ( 121 pictures): Pictures of the Gateway Mall in Salt Lake City.

Idaho State ( 5 pictures): Pictures of Idaho.

Jordan Landing ( 35 pictures): Pictures of Jordan Landing

Montana State ( 3 pictures):

Mother Cabrini Shrine ( 15 pictures): Pictures of the Cabrini Shrine west of Denver. The Shrine is a memorial to Sainte Frances X. Cabrini.

Mountain Meadows ( 22 pictures): Pictures of the Mountain Meadows Masscre Memorial in Southern Utah.

RiverPark in South Jordan ( 104 pictures): This gallery shows pictures from developments in the RiverPark area of South Jordan.

Sports Mall - Murray ( 21 pictures): Pictures of the Sports Mall area of Murray.

Sunny Colorado ( 5 pictures): Pictures of sunny Colorado.

Utah Cultural Celebration Center ( 56 pictures): Pictures of the Cultural Celebration Center in West Valley City.

Utah State ( 59 pictures): Photographs of Utah.

Wyoming Photos ( 6 pictures): Pictures of Wonderful Wyoming.

Total Pictures: 544

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