White Canyon

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White CanyonWhite Canyon (06/23/2001) White Canyon...above the black box.

Canyon Walls -- Black BoxCanyon Walls -- Black Box (06/23/2001) The shot is a little blurry, but I love the texture of the canyon walls.

Log JamLog Jam (06/23/2001) If you look at the top of the picture you will see a log jam. That gives you a good indication of the high water mark.

Resting In The SunResting In The Sun (06/23/2001)

Lunch BreakLunch Break (06/23/2001)

Jumping into the poolJumping into the pool (06/23/2001)

Jumping into the poolJumping into the pool (06/23/2001) Before jumping into a pool, you should check the depth.

The trail gets trickyThe trail gets tricky (06/23/2001)

Erosion PatternsErosion Patterns (06/23/2001)

NarrowsNarrows (06/23/2001) These are a little to tight to walk through.

Canyon WaterCanyon Water (06/23/2001) You have about 200 yards to swin through the canyon

After the SwimAfter the Swim (06/23/2001)

Canyon WallsCanyon Walls (06/23/2001)

Jagged RocksJagged Rocks (06/23/2001) I was intrigued by the jagged rocks in this section of the canyon.

White CanyonWhite Canyon (06/23/2001)

Canyon WallsCanyon Walls (06/23/2001) I liked the texture of the canyon walls.

White Canyon ArchWhite Canyon Arch (06/23/2001) The picture did not turn out. White Canyon arch is gingantic.

White Canyon BridgeWhite Canyon Bridge (06/23/2001) Looking up at the bicentenial highway. You can get to this spot by walking from Lake Powell.

White Canyon BridgeWhite Canyon Bridge (06/23/2001) The bridge is several hundred feet above the canyon floor.

Canyon WallsCanyon Walls (06/23/2001)

Wading Through the Black BoxWading Through the Black Box (06/23/2001) The water can be as low as 45 degrees.

The Canyon RimThe Canyon Rim (06/23/2001) This is the canyon rim above Soap Box Canyon

1-22 Pictures

White Canyon

White Canyon is in Southern Utah near lake Powell. The canyon is deep and the water is cold. It is a good hike for mid July. As you will be swimming in freezing cold water, you will need to take a sweat suit on this trip to avoid hypothermia.

Context: Hiking

Lake Powell (5 pictures) White Canyon drains into Lake Powell.

Utah State (53 pictures) The canyon is in Southern Utah.


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