Elbow Fork to Lambs Canyon

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Elbow Fork CascadeElbow Fork Cascade (06/15/2006) Cyclists and cross country skiers know that the hill right before Elbow Fork gains a little bit of altitude. This cascade sits at the base of the Elbow Fork Trail.

Pipeline TrailPipeline Trail (06/15/2006) The pipeline ends in the Elbow Fork area. If you are doing the Elbow Fork Terraces trail, you can walk back to your car along this section of the pipeline trail.

Mill Creek at Elbow ForkMill Creek at Elbow Fork (06/15/2006) This picture shows Mill Creek at Elbow fork. The strata at elbow fork appears to be at a 45 degree slope.

Elbow Fork to Terraces TrailElbow Fork to Terraces Trail (06/15/2006) This is the end of the Terraces to Elbow Fork trail. The trail rises steeply to a mountain shoulder overlooking Mill Creek Canyon. The trail drops back down to Mill creek at the Terraces.

Elbow Fork TrailElbow Fork Trail (06/15/2006) Standing at the end of the Terraces trail looking down toward the Elbow Fork Trail.

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Mill Creek Road at Elbow ForkMill Creek Road at Elbow Fork (06/15/2006) I suspect that this dark grey cliff at a 45% slant provides the explanation for why Mill Creek takes a right hand turn at Elbow Fork. The harder shale layers would have provided a little more resistance than the upper layers, pushing Elbow Fork to the Eas

Elbow Fork TrailElbow Fork Trail (06/15/2006) The Elbow Fork to Lambs Canyon trail starts in an impressive forest of towering pines.

TBD - FlowerTBD - Flower (06/15/2006) This tiny flower provided a challenge that I failed. The stem is about as thick as a blade of grass. It is lined with delightful wheel shaped flowers. Unfortunately, my shot does not have all of the flowers in focus.

VioletViolet (06/15/2006) A small mountain violet growing along the Elbow Fork to Lambs Canyon trail.

Moutain TrailMoutain Trail (06/15/2006) The Elbow Fork trail brings the hiker through a variety of shrubs and vegetation.

ObstacleObstacle (06/15/2006) There is a fallen tree on the Elbow Fork trail. I guess I will have to turn around.

TBD - White FlowerTBD - White Flower (06/15/2006) White flower along the Elbow Fork trail.

Magical Pine ForestMagical Pine Forest (06/15/2006) The Elbow Fork Trail leads through a magical pine forest.

Elbow Fork CreekElbow Fork Creek (06/30/2008) A bridge across the Elbow Fork Creek.

TBD - White FlowerTBD - White Flower (06/15/2006)

TBD - White FlowerTBD - White Flower (06/15/2006) White flower along Elbow Creek.

White SaxifrageWhite Saxifrage (06/15/2006) I believe this littler feller to be a member of the ecletic Saxifragaceae family.

SaxifrageSaxifrage (06/15/2006) A member of the Saxifragaceae family on the Elbow Fork Trail.

DandelionDandelion (06/15/2006) Dandelion (Taraxacum) is a member of the Asteraceae family.

87 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 80-87

Elbow Fork to Lambs Canyon

The Elbow Fork to Lambs canyon trail is a fun day hike in Mill Creek Canyon near Salt Lake City. The first time I took this trail, I had an arrangement with another hiker. He started in Mill Creek. I started in Lambs Canyon. We swapped keys when we met near the pass and returned our keys at a pub after the hike.

The stretch of the trail from Elbows Fork to the pass is about two miles. The trail down to the road in Lambs Canyon is about 2 miles. Lambs Canyon is part of the Salt Lake Watershed where no dogs are allowed.

The trail follows the small Elbow Fork Stream, and winds through an interesting collection of flora including pine and aspen forest along with a diversity of shrubbery.

I took this hike on June 15th. The main gate on Mill Creek Canyon at Maple Grove was still closed. It is only open between July 1 and November 1. It is about a mile and a half walk from Maple Grove to Elbow Fork.

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