Timpooneke Trail

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Start of Timpooneke TrailStart of Timpooneke Trail (10/03/2006) Start of the Timpooneke trail.

Timpooneeke Trail HeadTimpooneeke Trail Head (10/03/2006) The trailhead area for the Timpooneeke Trail.

TrailheadTrailhead (10/03/2006) The trailhead for the Timpooneeke trail.

Timpooneeke TrailTimpooneeke Trail (10/03/2006)

Timpooneeke TrailTimpooneeke Trail (10/03/2006) A few exposed rocks makes the trail more interesting for hikers.

Fall ColorsFall Colors (10/03/2006) The lower section of the Timpooneke trail shows its fall colors.

Lower BowlLower Bowl (10/03/2006) The lower bowl of the Timpooneke trail.

Timpooneke ValleyTimpooneke Valley (10/03/2006) The valley of the Timpooneke Trail.

Limestone CliffsLimestone Cliffs (10/03/2006) A view of the Limestone Cliffs on the Timpooneeke Trail.

Fall ColorsFall Colors (10/03/2006) Fall Colors on the Timpooneke trail.

Lower BowlLower Bowl (10/03/2006) Lower Bowl of the Timponeeke Trail.

Fall ColorsFall Colors (10/03/2006) Fall colors on the Timpooneke Trail.

Wasatch MountainsWasatch Mountains (10/03/2006) A view of the Wasatch Mountains from the Timpooneke Trail.

Distant MountainsDistant Mountains (10/03/2006) Distant Mountains viewed from the Timpooneke Trail.

Timpooneke ViewTimpooneke View (10/03/2006) A view from the Timpooneke Trail.

Timpooneke ViewTimpooneke View (10/03/2006)

Timpooneke ViewTimpooneke View (10/03/2006)

HillsideHillside (10/03/2006) Trees on the hillside viewed from the Timpooneke Trail.

Lower BowlLower Bowl (10/03/2006) The lower bowl of the Timpooneke Trail.

View from Timpooneke TrailView from Timpooneke Trail (10/03/2006)

Mount TimpanogosMount Timpanogos (10/03/2006) The mountain viewed from the Timpooneke trail.

Mount Timpanogos TrailMount Timpanogos Trail (10/03/2006) This is the start of the main Mount Timpanogos Trail on the Sundance side of the Alpine Loop.

1-22 Pictures

Timpooneke Trail

The Timpooneke Trail is one of the two major routes up Mount Timpanogos. This is a strenuous that fills up the day. You access the trailhead from the American Fork side of the Alpine Loop (Highway 92). The trail is 9.1 miles. It starts at 6850 feet and climbs to the summit 11753 feet.

This is a spectacular hike. Hikers need to plan a full day for the trip. On this day, I was looking to take photos of the fall colors on the Alpine Loop and only did a short section of the Great Western Trail and the lower section of the Timpooneeke trail.

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Mount Timapnogos (25 pictures) The Timpooneeke Trail is one of the primary access routes for Mount Timpanogos.

Alpine Loop (101 pictures) You access the trail from the Alpine Loop.

Great Western Trail (12 pictures) The Timpooneeke Trailhead provides access to the Great Western Trail.


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