Stoddard Pack Bridge and Trail

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Stoddard BridgeStoddard Bridge (06/01/2002) Designed for horse travel, the Stoddard Bridge is an impressive and sound wooden suspension bridge.

Wooden Suspension BridgeWooden Suspension Bridge (06/01/2002) Adventures travel with their horses across this bridge into the remote Frank Church Wilderness area of Central Idaho.

Salmon RiverSalmon River (06/01/2002) Looking downstream from the Stoddard Trailhead Suspension bridge.

Down RiverDown River (06/01/2002) Another shot down river from a top the Stoddard Suspension Bridge.

Stoddard Wooden Suspension BridgeStoddard Wooden Suspension Bridge (06/01/2002) Looking back up river at the Suspension Bridge.

Wooden Suspension BridgeWooden Suspension Bridge (06/01/2002) I was interested in the contrast of the granite extrusion and wooden suspension bridge.

DownriverDownriver (06/01/2002) A view down river from the bridge

Salmon River RoadSalmon River Road (06/01/2002)

Stoddard Trail BridgeStoddard Trail Bridge (06/01/2002) One of the popular accesses to the Frank Church Wilderness area.

Salmon RiverSalmon River (06/01/2002) Looking down river from the Stoddard trail head.

AltimaAltima (06/01/2002)

Salmon RiverSalmon River (06/01/2002)

1-12 Pictures

The Stoddard Pack Bridge is an impressive wooden suspension bridge across the Salmon River. It is toward the end of the Salmon River road [030]. It is the last crossing of the river and is one of the few access points to the Frank Church Wilderness area.

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Context: Hiking

Salmon River (137 pictures) The Bridge crosses the Salmon River

Salmon River Drive (79 pictures) The bridge is toward the end of the Salmon River Road.

Frank Church Wilderness (20 pictures) The Stoddard wooden suspension bridge is last crossing to the south side of the Salmon River, and a popular entry point to the wilderness.

Bridges (35 pictures) Pictures of other bridges.


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