Mount Aire

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Fall in the CanyonFall in the Canyon (10/09/2007) Millcreek Canyon in the Fall.

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Elbow Fork TrailElbow Fork Trail (06/15/2006) The Elbow Fork to Lambs Canyon trail starts in an impressive forest of towering pines.

Elbow Fork BridgeElbow Fork Bridge (10/09/2007) This bridge is on the Mount Aire Trail near where it splits off the Elbow Fork Trail. BTW, watch out for the troll under the bridge.

Trail BridgeTrail Bridge (10/09/2007) There was snow on the trail in early October.

Mixed ForestMixed Forest (10/09/2007) The lower part of the Mount Aire Trail is in a mixed forest of aspen and pine.

Second BridgeSecond Bridge (10/09/2007) This second bridge on the Mount Aire Trail spans the mighty dip.

Going to SeedGoing to Seed (10/09/2007) A mystery plant going to seed.

Sparse AspenSparse Aspen (10/09/2007) The trail quickly climbs through a grove of aspen.

Over the LogOver the Log (10/09/2007) A large log had fallen on the trail.

Trail through the AspenTrail through the Aspen (10/09/2007) The Mount Aire Trail climbs through a grove of aspen.

NobNob (10/09/2007) A nobby hill to the South of the Mount Aire Trail.

Fall FolliageFall Folliage (10/09/2007) Fall folliage crowns a nob in Elbow Fork Canyon.

Elbow Fork AreaElbow Fork Area (10/09/2007) A view of the Elbow Fork area from the Mount Aire Trail.

View from Mount Aire TrailView from Mount Aire Trail (10/09/2007)

Mount AireMount Aire (10/09/2007) This is a view of Mount Aire from the saddle. The mountain has a combination of Scrub Oak, Aspen and is crowned with Moutain Mahagony.

Oak LeavesOak Leaves (10/09/2007) Oak leave turn a rustic brown during the fall.

Gobblers KnobGobblers Knob (10/09/2007) This view from Mount Aire in Mill Creek Canyon includes Gobblers Knob and Mount Raymond.

Elbow Fork SaddleElbow Fork Saddle (10/09/2007) This view from the Mount Aire Trail shows the top saddle of the Elbow Fork Trail.

Oak LeavesOak Leaves (10/09/2007) These rustic red oak leaves line the Mount Aire Trail in the Wasatch.

57 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-57

Mount Aire

This gallery shows images from a hike up Mount Aire trail in Mill Creek Canyon in the Wasatch Mountains just east of Salt Lake City. This is a great hike for fitness freaks. The Forest Service says the trails is 1.8 miles and gains 1821 feet. So that would be a thousand foot gain in elevation per mile.

This hike shares the trail head with the Elbow Fork Trail and provides spectacular views of Mill Creek Canyon and Parleys Canyon.

Finish Line

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Mill Creek Canyon (193 pictures) Pictures of Mill Creek Canyon.

Grandeur Peak (145 pictures) Mount Grandeur, that towers over the Salt Lake Valley, is on the same ridge as Mount Aire.

Pipeline Trail (129 pictures) The Pipeline Trail ends at the trailhead of Elbow Fork and Mount Aire.


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