Grandeur Peak

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To Grandeur PeakTo Grandeur Peak (12/04/2013) Looking up to Grandeur Peak from the Bonneville Shoreline Trail.

Wasatch MountainsWasatch Mountains (12/16/2008) This panorama from the Jordan River Parkway shows Grandeur Peak, Mill Creek Canyon, Neffs Canyon and Mount Olympus.

Grandeur PeakGrandeur Peak (10/27/2008) Bright orange leaves on the Pipeline Trail highlights the slopes of Grandeur Peak.

In the FallIn the Fall (10/27/2008) A view of Grandeur Peak in the Fall from the Pipeline Trail.

Churchill Framed by Grandeur PeakChurchill Framed by Grandeur Peak (02/11/2008) Churchill Middle School framed by Grandeur Peak.

Grandeur PeakGrandeur Peak (02/11/2008) The light on the peak highlights the steep drop into Rattlesnake Gultch on Grandeur Peak.

Mill Creek in the FallMill Creek in the Fall (10/09/2007) Driving down Mill Creek Canyon in the Fall.

Grandeur PeakGrandeur Peak (09/25/2007) Mount Grandeur from Parleys Trail.

Parleys TrailParleys Trail (09/25/2007) You can follow a spur from this trail to the top of Grandeur Peak. The trail gives spectacular views of the Salt Lake Valley.

Mount Grandeur TrailheadMount Grandeur Trailhead (04/27/2006) The Mount Grandeur trailhead at the top of Church Fork Picnic area. This trail provides access to the Pipeline Trail.

TrailheadTrailhead (04/27/2006) Trailhead for the Mount Grandeur Trail at the top of Church Fork Picnic area.

BridgeBridge (04/27/2006) A primative bridge spans the mighty Church Fork.

Spring Run OffSpring Run Off (04/27/2006) Spring Run off (April) in the Church Fork Creek on the Grandeur Peak Trail.

Church Fork CascadeChurch Fork Cascade (07/21/2006) Cascading waters in the Church Fork Creek.

Bridge?Bridge? (07/21/2006) "Bridge? We don't need no stinkin' bridge" says Coco the dog.

Church ForkChurch Fork (07/21/2006) The cascading waters of Church Fork Creek are still going strong in July.

Golden EyesGolden Eyes (07/21/2006) Golden Eyes watching the Grandeur Peak Trail.

Pipeline TrailPipeline Trail (07/21/2006) The Intersection of the Grandeur Peak and Pipeline Trails.

Avoid the WaterAvoid the Water (07/21/2006) Avoid the water, animals have been in it. This is a bridge and erosion control on the Grandeur Peak trail along Church Fork Creek.

Grandeur Peak TrailGrandeur Peak Trail (07/21/2006) The lower section of the trail is in the shade of vegetation along Church Fork.

145 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 80-100 , 100-120 , 120-140 , 140-145

Grandeur Peak

This gallery contains images of the Grandeur Peak Trail in Utah's Wasatch Mountains. The later section of the gallery includes images of Mount Grandeur from different angles in the Salt Lake Valley.

The Grandeur Peak Trail starts at the Church Fork Picnic area. There is a one way road that winds through the picnic area. This road is often prone to traffic jams. If you are hiking for exercise, you might do best to use the limited parking on Mill Creek road rather than driving through the crowded picnic area.

The Grandeur Peak trail starts at the top of the Church Fork Picnic area. The Grandeur Peak Trail connects with the Pipeline Trail a hundred yards or so above the parking lot. The trail follows branches of Church Fork Creek for the first mile then climbs the ridge between Mill Creek and Parleys Canyon. When you reach the top of the ridge, there is an clearing where you can look into Parley's Canyon and a small trail heading East. This trail leads to the top of Church Fork Peak (another popular hike saved for another day).

The main trail heads west, along the ridge, to the top of Grandeur Peak. The round trip is 6.25 miles. The trail gains 3060 feet to reach the peak which is a reported 8299 feet above sea level. This trail provides spectacular views of the Wasatch Mountains and

Finish Line

Context: Hiking

The Wasatch Mountains (130 pictures) Grandeur Peak is in the Wasatch Mountains.

Mill Creek Canyon (193 pictures) Mill Creek Canyon is to the South of Mount Grandeur.

Church Fork Picnic Area (77 pictures) The primary Grandeur Peak Trail starts at the Church Fork Picnic area.

Pipeline Trail (129 pictures) The Mount Grandeur Trail crosses the Pipeline Trail just above the Church Fork Picnic area.

Mount Olympus (136 pictures) The trail provides unique views of Mount Olympus.

Parleys Creek (43 pictures) Parleys Canyon is to the North of Mount Grandeur.

Interstate 80 (98 pictures) I80 runs to the North of Mount Grandeur through Parleys Canyon.

Parley s Crossing (76 pictures) It is a bit more exposed, but you can also access Mount Grandeur from the Bonneville Shoreline Trail at Parley's Crossing.

Mount Aire (57 pictures) Mount Aire is on the same ridge as Mount Grandeur, to the East.


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