Pipeline Trail

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Rugged TerrainRugged Terrain (10/27/2008) Rugged terrain along the pipeline trail.

Pipeline TrailPipeline Trail (10/27/2008) The Pipeline Trail crosses Church Fork a few hundred yards above the picnic area.

Gobblers NobGobblers Nob (10/27/2008) Gobbler's Nob appears from the Pipeline trail.

Mill Creek in the MistMill Creek in the Mist (10/27/2008) An attempt to take a picture into the for Millcreek Canyon from the Pipeline Trail.

Cloaked in Red LeavesCloaked in Red Leaves (10/27/2008) A view of Grandeur Peak from the Pipeline Trail.

Canyon ViewCanyon View (10/27/2008) Looking toward the base of Church Fork from the Pipeline Trail.

Mountain BikerMountain Biker (10/27/2008) The pipeline Trail is a popular trail for mountain bikers.

Steep SectionSteep Section (10/27/2008) This section is a bit tricky for cyclists. The trail is being held back by some wooden constraints. I wonder if this work was done for the pipeline or at at later date for the trail.

Gobbler s KnobGobbler s Knob (10/27/2008) Gobbler's Knob viewed from the Pipeline Trail in Mill Creek Canyon.

OutcropOutcrop (10/27/2008) The Pipeline trail works its way around an outcropping of rock.

Upper Mill CreekUpper Mill Creek (10/27/2008) The pipeline trail heads toward upper Mill Creek Canyon. The outcropping rock on the left has a wicked overhang.

Pipeline TrailPipeline Trail (10/27/2008) This is actually a picture of the lit telephone pole center-right in the photo.

Mill Creek CanyonMill Creek Canyon (10/27/2008) This picture from the Pipeline Trail above Church Fork shows the lower section of Mill Creek Canyon. There is a large boy scout camp in the flat section of the canyon.

Mill Creek CanyonMill Creek Canyon (10/27/2008) This portrait picture of Mill Creek Canyon offers emphasizes the distance from the trail to the canyon floor.

Canyon in the FallCanyon in the Fall (10/27/2008) The last of the Fall leaves cling to the shrubs lining the trail in Mill Creek Canyon.

PipePipe (10/27/2008) A section of old pipe reminds hikers of the history of the trail.

Curving TrailCurving Trail (10/27/2008) The pipeline trail curves into a ravine. A maple alongside the trail seems to be leaning toward the right.

Overhanging treesOverhanging trees (10/27/2008) The trees in this section of the trail seem to be overdoing their overhang.

Pipe EntrancePipe Entrance (10/27/2008) The trail flows into a section of pipe on this corner of the Pipeline Trail.

A Carpet of LeavesA Carpet of Leaves (10/27/2008) Nature pads the Pipeline trail with a padding of leaves.

129 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 80-100 , 100-120 , 120-129

The Pipeline Trail

The Pipeline Trail in Mill Creek Canyon is a popular hiking and cycling trail near Salt Lake City. The trail follows an old pipeline that used to transport water from the canyon to Salt Lake City. The trail is a nice flat even grade ideal of new mountain bikers.

The trail itself is on an exposed South facing slope. As such, it is one of the first trails to open in the Spring, but can get a bit hot during the Summer. The trail provides many vistas of the Salt Lake Valley and Mill Creek Canyon.

For this set of pictures, I accessed the trail through Rattlesnake Canyon (Yes, there is a good chance you will encounter rattlesnakes on this trail in the Spring, Summer or Fall). Rattlesnake is the first trailhead you pass on the Mill Creek Road. You can also access the trail from Church Fork Picnic Area and the Terraces.

Context: Hiking

Mill Creek Canyon (193 pictures) The Pipeline Trail is in Mill Creek Canyon.

Church Fork Picnic Area (77 pictures) The Mount Grandeur Trail starts at Church Fork Picnic Area and crosses the Pipeline Trail.

Desolation Trail (71 pictures) The Desolation Trail is across the canyon from the Pipeline Trail.

Elbow Fork to Lambs Canyon (87 pictures) The Pipeline Trail ends just before the Elbow Fork to Lambs Canyon trail.

Grandeur Peak (145 pictures) The pipeline trail crosses the trail to Grandeur Peak.

Mount Aire (57 pictures) Pictures of the hike up Mount Aire.


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