Mill Creek Canyon

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Mill Creek ConstrainedMill Creek Constrained (03/01/2013) Mill Creek itself is still locked behind a fence. I was hoping that they would do something with this lovely stream during the Community Center Build.

Overhanging OfficeOverhanging Office (06/06/2010) I love the design of this building with an office overhanging Mill Creek.

Gobblers Nob & Mt RaymondGobblers Nob & Mt Raymond (10/27/2008) The Pipeline Trail provides multiple views of the Mill Creek ridgeline.

Mill Creek in the MistMill Creek in the Mist (10/27/2008) An attempt to take a picture into the for Millcreek Canyon from the Pipeline Trail.

Gobbler s KnobGobbler s Knob (10/27/2008) Gobbler's Knob viewed from the Pipeline Trail in Mill Creek Canyon.

Upper Mill CreekUpper Mill Creek (10/27/2008) The pipeline trail heads toward upper Mill Creek Canyon. The outcropping rock on the left has a wicked overhang.

Mill Creek CanyonMill Creek Canyon (10/27/2008) This picture from the Pipeline Trail above Church Fork shows the lower section of Mill Creek Canyon. There is a large boy scout camp in the flat section of the canyon.

Mill Creek CanyonMill Creek Canyon (10/27/2008) This portrait picture of Mill Creek Canyon offers emphasizes the distance from the trail to the canyon floor.

Church Fork AreaChurch Fork Area (10/27/2008) This picture shows the road in Mill Creek Canyon. People hiking Church Fork usually park along the roadside at the base of the canyon, then walk through the picnic area.

Crowned in GoldCrowned in Gold (10/27/2008) A picture of Mill Creek Canyon crowned in Golden leaves.

Fall ColorsFall Colors (10/27/2008) Mill Creek canyon dons its fall colors. This picture was taken from the parking area near Church Fork.

Upper Parking LotUpper Parking Lot (03/23/2008) The parking lot near the road closure is generally full during the Winter months.

Black and White StripesBlack and White Stripes (03/23/2008) The melting snow highlights the strata in Millcreek Canyon.

Lone SkierLone Skier (03/23/2008) The Mill Creek Road is a popular destination for Cross Country skiers of all ability in the Wasatch Mountains.

Mill Creek ThawsMill Creek Thaws (03/23/2008) A picture of Mill Creek in the late winter.

Weathered BridgeWeathered Bridge (03/23/2008) This picture demonstrates the weathering of White Bridge.

Mill Creek in the SpringMill Creek in the Spring (03/23/2008) Mill Creek prepares for the spring run off.

Snow Topped RoofSnow Topped Roof (03/23/2008) This snow topped roof shows the compact layers of snow that fell throughout the winter.

Ski TracksSki Tracks (03/23/2008) Hikers are asked not to walk in the ski tracks.

The Only Way to FlyThe Only Way to Fly (03/23/2008) The best way down the canyon is to have a mommy pulling you. This sledder was going quite fast.

193 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 80-100 , 100-120 , 120-140 , 140-160 , 160-180 , 180-193

Mill Creek Canyon

Millcreek Canyon is one of the primary canyons in Wasatch Mountains. The canyon is on the east side the Salt Lake Valley at about 3500 East 3500 South.


Context: Hiking

The Wasatch Mountains (130 pictures) Mill Creek Canyon is in the Wasatch Mountains.

Neff's Canyon (256 pictures) Neffs Canyon is to the South of Mill Creek (at the base of Mount Olympus.

Pipeline Trail (129 pictures) The Pipeline Trail follows an old pipeline in the lower section of Mill Creek Canyon. It is a popular hiking and mountain biking trail.

Desolation Trail (71 pictures) The Desolation Trail parallels Mill Creek Canyon on the ridge to the south (Between Mill Creek and Big Cottonwood Canyon).

Bowman Fork Trail (71 pictures) The Bowman Trail provides access to Mount Rayond and Gobblers Knob.

Salt Lake City (439 pictures) The Canyon drains into the Salt Lake Valley.

Mount Olympus (136 pictures) Mount Olympus is due south of Mill Creek Canyon. Several of the trails from Mill Creek Canyon Access the Mount Olympus Wilderness Area.

Skyline High School (56 pictures) Skyline High School is on Mill Creek Canyon Road (just after I215 bridge).

Big and Little Water (110 pictures) The Big and Little Water Trails start at the end of the Mill Creek Canyon Road.

Grandeur Peak (145 pictures) This gallery shows a hike up the Grandeur Peak Trail.

Millcreek Township (81 pictures) Mill Creek Township sits at the base of Mill Creek Canyon.


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