Corona Arch Trail

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Trail HeadTrail Head (10/15/2005) Parking area at the trailhead of Corona Arch.

AlcovesAlcoves (10/15/2005) Alcoves in Navajo Sandstone on the Corona Arch Trail.

Potash RoadPotash Road (10/15/2005) The Road to Potash along the Colorado River.

Colorado RiverColorado River (10/15/2005) The Colorado River from the Corona Arch Trail.

AlcovesAlcoves (10/15/2005) Alcoves in the sandstone. The railroad track to Potash is in the foreground.

Goldbar ArchGoldbar Arch (10/15/2005) Goldbar Arch viewed from the Corona Trail.

Goldbar ArchGoldbar Arch (10/15/2005) The unnamed alcove on the right side of the mound is larger than Goldbar Arch on the left.

AlcovesAlcoves (10/15/2005) Alcoves along the Corona Arch Trail.

TraversingTraversing (10/15/2005) You need to traverse a section of exposed sandstone.

Goldbar CanyonGoldbar Canyon (10/15/2005) Looking back toward the Colorado River.

Colorado CanyonsColorado Canyons (10/15/2005) Looking toward the Goldbar area of the Colorado Canyon system from the Corona arch trail.

Sandstone CliffsSandstone Cliffs (10/15/2005) These cliffs are in the Navajo Sanstone layer. The picture is from the Corona Arch Trail.

Bowtie ArchBowtie Arch (10/15/2005) Bowtie Arch from the Corona Arch Trail.

Corona ArchCorona Arch (10/15/2005) A view of Corona Arch from the scary section of the trail.

Colorado River CanyonsColorado River Canyons (10/15/2005)

The Hard PartThe Hard Part (10/15/2005) This is the hard part of the trail.

Bowtie Arch and Hanging GardensBowtie Arch and Hanging Gardens (10/15/2005) There is a beautiful hanging gardens below Bowtie Arch.

Mysterious AlcoveMysterious Alcove (10/15/2005) A close up of the mysterious alcove below Bowtie Arch.

Corona ArchCorona Arch (10/15/2005)

Corona ArchCorona Arch (10/15/2005)

31 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-31

Corona Arch

The Corona Arch Trail is a short walk (3 miles road trip) near Moab, Utah. You access the trail from the Potash Road (Highway 279) on the north side of the Colorado River. The trail has views of Goldbar Arch, Bowtie Arch and Corona Arch. Corona Arch is a great example of a buttress arch.

The trail has a small number of scrambling sections and traverses across exposed sandstone. It is an intermediate hiking trail. The trail is exposed to the elements. Be sure to bring water.

The arches and trail are in the Navajo Sandstone Formation. In addition to the arches, the trail offers stunning views of the Colorado River Canyon and many unnamed sandstone alcoves.

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Context: Hiking

Colorado River (96 pictures) The trail starts on the Potash Road that runs along the Colorado River.

Moab, Utah (138 pictures) Corona Arch is near Moab, Utah.

Granstaff Canyon (14 pictures) Negro Bill Canyon is another popular hike along the Colorado River.

Natural Arches and Bridges (27 pictures) The Corona Arch Trail has views of several arches.

Arches National Park (151 pictures) Many people include a visit to Corona Arch on their visit to Arches National Park.


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