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Rail TrailRail Trail (06/12/2008) Two hot babes take a stroll on the Park City Rail Trail.

Park City ParkPark City Park (06/12/2008) This is a pavilion at the public park about a half mile downstream from main.

Park City Miner s HospitalPark City Miner s Hospital (06/12/2008) The old Park City Miner's Hospital is just below the city park. You pass the hospital on the trail into downtown.

Red BuildingRed Building (06/12/2008) An intriguing red building adjacent to the Park City City Park.

Park City SkateparkPark City Skatepark (06/12/2008) This is the middle section of the Park City Skatepark.

McLeod BridgeMcLeod Bridge (06/12/2008) A bridge crosses McLeod Creek in Park City. This area is now an officially protected riparian zone.

Park City PDPark City PD (06/12/2008) The Park City Police Department viewed from the Rail Trail.

Park CityPark City (06/12/2008) Trail leading into Park City.

Backside of the POBackside of the PO (06/12/2008) This is the new Park City Post Office viewed from the McLeod trail in Park City. I like the car port style slots at the loading dock for the mail trucks.

McLeod Creek BridgeMcLeod Creek Bridge (06/12/2008) This bridge spans the McLeod, downstream from Park City.

Condos in the DistanceCondos in the Distance (06/12/2008) The area along McLeod Creek is a protected riparian zone. There are condos in the distance.

Historic Rail TrailHistoric Rail Trail (02/11/2008) The right of way between Echo Junction and Park City was turned into a bike trail.

Rail Trail at I80Rail Trail at I80 (02/11/2008) The Union Pacific Rail Trail crosses Interstate 80 at Echo Junction.

Rail Trail CrossingRail Trail Crossing (02/11/2008) The Rail Trail crosses the Echo Dam Road.

Coalville Rail TrailCoalville Rail Trail (02/11/2008) The Rail Trail access point is on the North side of Coalville, Utah.

Frozen TrailFrozen Trail (02/11/2008) I took a short walk on the Rail Trail North of Coalville. The snow was in bad condition and it was not good walking so I only went a few hundred yard.

Echo ReservoirEcho Reservoir (02/11/2008) This is the first view of Echo Reservoir from the Rail Trail heading North from Coalville.

Rail Trail in SnowRail Trail in Snow (02/11/2008) The Rail Trail in snow. Today, the snow was crusty. One a good snow day, this would be a fun flat crosscountry ski trail.

Echo ReservoirEcho Reservoir (02/11/2008) The Echo Reservoir viewed from the Rail Trail North of Coalville.

Into CoalvilleInto Coalville (02/11/2008) The rail trail heads into Coalville.

49 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-49

Park City Rail Trail

The national Rail Trail Movement turns abandonned railroad right of ways into bike routes. This movement does many important things. It opens new, safe bike routes and it helps preserve the right of ways in the case transportation needs change and we need the right of way.

This gallery shows pictures from the 30 mile rail trail that runs from Park City to Echo Junction. The trail starts Prospector Square in Park City to Echo Junction. The trail is open to nonmotorized traffic and is a popular trail for cyclists, runners and equestrians.

The Union Pacific Rail Trail has received National Recreation Trail. It is part of the Utah State Park System.

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Echo Reservoir (54 pictures) This gallery shows pictures of Echo Junction and Echo Reservoir.

Coalville, Utah (57 pictures) The Rail Trail passes through Coalville, Utah.

Wanship, Utah (27 pictures) The Rail Trail passes through the metropolis of Wanship.

Rockport Lake (27 pictures) This gallery shows pictures of Rockport Reservoir.

Interstate 80 (98 pictures) The Rail Trail parallels I80.

Park City, Utah (164 pictures) The Park City Gallery shows pictures from Park City, Utah.


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