A Walk Through the Big City

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Side StreetSide Street (06/25/2009) Viewing a side street in Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.

Farmers Market AdFarmers Market Ad (06/25/2009) A truck sign advertises the the Salt Lake City Farmer's market in front of the Chamber of Commerce Building on 400 South. The Picture was taken from State Street.

Grand AmericanGrand American (06/25/2009) The flower patch stands against the Grand American Tower on State Street. Sadly, Grand American simply faces State will a long uninterupted wall.

Wells Fargo TowerWells Fargo Tower (06/25/2009) A view of the Wells Fargo Tower in the Gallivan Center of Salt Lake City.

Big City BuildingsBig City Buildings (06/25/2009) A view of the building at the Salt Lake City Gallivan Center.

250 South State250 South State (06/25/2009) A view of the buildings in downtown Salt Lake City.

Gallivan PlazaGallivan Plaza (06/25/2009) The Gallivan Plaza viewed from State Street.

Walker CenterWalker Center (06/25/2009) Looking down 200 South toward the tower of the Walker Center in downtown Salt Lake City.

Three TowersThree Towers (06/25/2009) This view of the Gallivan Plaza from State Street shows three towers: The Marriott, Wells Fargo Building and Walker Center.

Gallivan Center NorthGallivan Center North (06/25/2009) This view from State Street shows the towers of the Gallivan Center (with the American Towers in the distance).

American Stores TowerAmerican Stores Tower (06/25/2009) A view of the Wells Fargo Tower (formerly the American Stores tower) in salt lake city.

Marriott HotelMarriott Hotel (06/25/2009) The Marriott Hotel offers modern clearn lodging at its tower on the Gallivan Plaza.

Marriott HotelMarriott Hotel (06/25/2009) The new Marriott Hotel between State Street and the Gallivan Plaza is a good central location for trips to Utah's capitol city.

Orpheum TheatreOrpheum Theatre (06/25/2009) 132 South State was built in 1905 as the Orpeum Theatre. It changed to the Promised Valley Playhouse in 1972, but closed in 1996. It currently is listed as home of LDS family services.

Temple Square FlowersTemple Square Flowers (06/25/2009) Interesting flowers line the street by the Beehive House.

State Street and South TempleState Street and South Temple (06/25/2009) Cranes work on the hole left by the ZCMI center on South Temple in Salt Lake City.

Eagle GateEagle Gate (06/25/2009) The Eagle Gate, spanning State Street, makes for an interesting shot in Salt Lake City. I understand this is the second eagle. The first was a bit more ornate, but is hidden in some collection.

Utah Republican PartyUtah Republican Party (06/25/2009) The Utah Republican Headquarters are on South Temple.

South Temple is RebornSouth Temple is Reborn (06/25/2009) South Temple undergoes a major upgrade during the 2009 construction frenzy.

Trax and ConstructionTrax and Construction (06/25/2009) Trax passes the new construction on South Temple.

135 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 80-100 , 100-120 , 120-135

A Walk Through the Big City

I discovered a useful piece of knowledge. If a person really cuts down on their driving. I am talking about cutting down their driving to the point where their car spends most the time parked.

If a person cuts down on driving and rarely starts the car; condensed water in the muffler will rot it from the inside and the person who thought they would save money by not driving would get a hefty bill for a new muffler.

Anyway, I went to Master Muffler on Main Street in downtown Salt Lake City this morning for $175 in car repairs. While the car was being repaired, I walked to Temple Square and back taking photos.

My mind flitted on the question of whether or not the photos would help me pay back the money I borrowed for the expense.

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