Granstaff Canyon

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Scenic Route 128Scenic Route 128 (09/28/2004) Scenic Route 128 at Negro Bill's Canyon.

AlcoveAlcove (09/28/2004) The bottom stretch of the canyon is dominated by this alcove

CanyonCanyon (09/28/2004)

TrailTrail (09/28/2004) A great deal of effort was invested in creating steps and other improvements to the trail.

LedgeLedge (09/28/2004) The trail often runs along slick rock ledges.

TrailTrail (09/28/2004)

LedgeLedge (09/28/2004) The Trail follows exposed sandstone ledges.

Desert TrailsDesert Trails (09/28/2004) Desert trails often take advantage of the layers of sandstone.

Sandstone WallsSandstone Walls (09/28/2004) The canyon walls provide interesting shapes and shadows.

TrailTrail (09/28/2004) A sample of the trail.

AlcoveAlcove (09/28/2004) Hmmm, I should have adjusted the exposure.

Overhanging TrailOverhanging Trail (09/28/2004) The trail follows a ledge above the creek.

Negro Bill s CanyonNegro Bill s Canyon (09/28/2004) Entrance to Negro Bill's Canyon.

Parking LotParking Lot (09/28/2004) Looking down the cayon at the parking lot and on to the Colorado River.

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Granstaff Canyon

There is an effort to rename Negro Bill Canyon off the Colorado River just north of Moab to Granstaff Canyon. I am all for this change because in our politically correct day, there are words that we are not allowed to utter.

Granstaff is a popular day hike near Moab, Utah. The Canyon is just east of Moab on scenic route 128 along the Colorado River. Trail leads past The Morning Glory Arch.

The canyon is named after a mixed race cowboy with the formal name William Granstaff who ran cattle in the area in the 1870s with another cowboy named "Frenchie."

I do not know if Mr. Granstaff felt insulted by his nickname. People today assume he does. Although I wince when the I hear the canyon's nickname, I find it a refreshing reminder that the United States was settled by a diverse range of people...even the Pearly white state of Utah owes it heritage to a mix of Spanish, Native American, Oriental and other odd mixes of colorful characters along with the LDS faithful (who tend to spend a great deal of effort trying to establish a monopoly on the state's history.

Granstaff Canyon is just South of Arhces National Park (across the Colorado River). The canyon carves its ways through the same sandstone formations that made Arches one of the premiere National Parks in the United States. The trail winds through the canyon and tops out in the famous Moab Slickrock. As I had an appointment, I only have photos from the bottom stretch of the canyon.


Context: Hiking

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Sand Flats Recreation Area (81 pictures) The Sand Flats Recreation Area is on the rim south of Negro Bill Canyon.

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Slickrock Trail (34 pictures) A set of pictures from the Slickrock Trail.


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