Bowman Fork Trail

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Archibald Gardner Group AreaArchibald Gardner Group Area (07/02/2008) A group picnic area at the base of the Bowman Trail.

Mount RaymondMount Raymond (07/02/2008) Mount Raymond viewed from the Bowman Trail.

Wall FlowerWall Flower (07/02/2008) A Wall Flower on the Bowman Trail.

Bowman TrailBowman Trail (07/02/2008) The Bowman Trail dips to Bowman Creek.

False Solomon SealFalse Solomon Seal (07/02/2008) False Solomon Seal in the Bowman Trail parking area.

Bowman Picnic AreaBowman Picnic Area (07/02/2008) A well fortified picnic bench at the base of the Bowman Trail.

Bowman Trail Picnic AreaBowman Trail Picnic Area (07/02/2008) A stone wall defines the picnic area at the base of the Bowman Trail.

Maple Grove AreaMaple Grove Area (05/19/2006) Mill Creek in the Maple Grove area.

Mill CreekMill Creek (05/19/2006) Mill Creek near the Maple Grove Picnic area.

Vertical ReliefVertical Relief (05/19/2006) An interesting vertical spire near the Maple Grove Picnic area in Mill Creek Canyon.

Road to the TerracesRoad to the Terraces (05/19/2006) A one lane road runs from the Mill Creek Road to the Terraces Picnic area.

Mill Creek CanyonMill Creek Canyon (05/19/2006) Looking down Mill Creek canyon from the road to the Terraces.

Road to the TerracesRoad to the Terraces (05/19/2006) The Bowman Trail starts at the Terraces campground. Since this is a one lane road, I prefer to park on Mill Creek Road and walk up it. Others prefer to park closer to the trailhead.

The TerracesThe Terraces (05/19/2006) A group picnic area at the Terraces Picnic area.

Archibald Gardner Group AreaArchibald Gardner Group Area (05/19/2006) The Archibald Gardner Group Picnic Area at the Terraces in Mill Creek.

Bowman Fork Group AreaBowman Fork Group Area (05/19/2006) The Bowman Fork Group Picnic area at the Terraces.

Mill Creek ForestMill Creek Forest (05/19/2006) A view from the Terraces Group Picnic Area in Mill Creek Canyon.

Downed TreeDowned Tree (05/19/2006) A downed tree in the Bowman Fork Trail parking area.

Bowman Fork TrailheadBowman Fork Trailhead (05/19/2006) The Bowman Fork Trailhead.

WallflowerWallflower (05/19/2006) (Brassicaceae Erysimum spp.) Wall Flowers near the Terraces in Mill Creek Canyon.

71 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-71

The Bowman Trail

This gallery shows images from the Maple Grove Picnic area, the Terraces Picnic area and the Bowman Trail.

This section of Mill Creek Canyon is well known to Cross Country skiers. During the winter months, the park service closes the main Mill Creek Canyon road at Maple Grove. Crosscountry skiers can then ski along the main canyon road. Backcountry skiers will take the steeper path up the Bowman trail which heads up a side canyon to the south of Mill Creek.

I took this set of pictures on May 19, 2006. The main Mill Creek Road was still closed but the snow was melted.

This gallery includes pictures of the Maple Grove Picnic area and the Terraces Group Picnic area. The Terraces Group Picnic area is a quarter mile from Mill Creek up a single lane road. If you are attending a picnic at the area or hiking the Bowman trail, I strongly recommend that you park on the main canyon road. The road to the Terraces is not wide enough for people to pass.

Context: Hiking

Mill Creek Canyon (193 pictures) The Bowman Trail is about half way up the Mill Creek Canyon Road. It is near where they close the road for the winter.

The Wasatch Mountains (130 pictures) The Bowman Trail accesses the central reaches of the Wasatch Mountains including Mount Raymond.

Desolation Trail (71 pictures) The Bowman Trail meats the Desolation Trail in the Mount Olympus Wilderness Area.

Mount Olympus (136 pictures) The Bowman Trail provides access to the eastern reaches of the Mount Olympus Wilderness area.

Wildflowers (123 pictures) The Bowman Fork Trail is lousy with wildflowers in the Spring.

Terraces to Elbow Fork (48 pictures) The Terraces Trail leads from the Terraces Picnic area to Elbow Forck (side trails access the


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