Scenic Route 75

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Delapidated BarnDelapidated Barn (02/09/2001) The Idaho roads provide a multitude of studies in old collapsed architecture.

Moon Beam Hot SpringsMoon Beam Hot Springs (02/09/2001) The hot springs are still warm in the winter.

Salmon RiverSalmon River (02/09/2001) The Salmon River and S75 from Moonbeam.

Moon BeamMoon Beam (02/09/2001) At the Moon Beam hot springs. Notice how the pine tree is covered in frost. This is from the vapor of the hot springs.

Moon Beam Hot SpringsMoon Beam Hot Springs (02/09/2001) Another picture of the frost covered tree.

Frosted PineFrosted Pine (02/09/2001) A close up of the frost on the trees.

Scenic Route 75Scenic Route 75 (02/09/2001)

Snow CoverSnow Cover (02/09/2001) Snow cover on a dark igneous outcropping.

A scene on a scenic routeA scene on a scenic route (02/09/2001) A picture from Lower Stanley

State 75State 75 (02/09/2001) Afternoon shot taken on State Route 75

SawtoothSawtooth (02/09/2001)

SawtoothSawtooth (02/09/2001)

Highway 75Highway 75 (02/09/2001)

Highway 75Highway 75 (02/09/2001) I was trying to be artsy and catch the sun in the lens.

Mountain RangeMountain Range (02/09/2001) Looking north into the Sawtooth range.

Beckoning SnowBeckoning Snow (02/09/2001)

Salmon River ValleySalmon River Valley (02/09/2001) Near the pass on highway 75 looking into the upper Salmon River Valley.

Sawtooth View AreaSawtooth View Area (02/09/2001) The Sawtooth Valley overlook on State 75

Sun ValleySun Valley (02/09/2001) Looking into Sun Valley

Big Wood RiverBig Wood River (02/09/2001)

Galena SummitGalena Summit (02/09/2001) Galena Summit is 8071 feet

The rough side of townThe rough side of town (02/09/2001) Clayton is a large enough to fill both sides of the street.

Sawtooth PanoramaSawtooth Panorama (02/09/2001)

First ViewFirst View (02/09/2001) This is the first view of the Sawtooth coming from the South on highway 75

Headwaters of the Salmon RiverHeadwaters of the Salmon River (02/09/2001) The Salmon River starts up there somewhere.

ClaytonClayton (02/09/2001) The bustling metropolis of Clayton, Idaho. The population is still under the speed limit.

Lower StanleyLower Stanley (02/09/2001) The sawtooth mountains from lower stanley.

1-27 Pictures

Scenic Route 75 runs from Twin Falls (on I84) through Central Idaho. The road works starts in the less than scenic Snake River Plain. This is an area dominated by great ancient lava flows. You can visit several lava caves along the road including Shosone and the Idaho Mammoth Cave.

The route then works its way into the mountains of central Idaho. You pass the towns of Hailey and Ketchem (where the rich folk live), and of course, the famed Sun Valley Resort.

The upper Sun Valley canyon starts turning into a heavily used, but relatively pristine upper Sun Valley area. This is a favorite spot for Cross Country skiers and snow mobiles. Finally the road winds its way to the top of Galena Summit. This area boast several peaks in the 10+ feet.

At Galena Summit, you leave behind the Big Wood River, and fall into the domain of the Salmon River. Shortly after the summit, you get your first view of the Sawtooth Range.

The trek from Galena summit to Stanley is dominated by the majestic Sawtooth mountains. On 9/11/2001...I was camping in these mountains, blissfully ignorant of the world. The best time to photograph the Sawtooth is during the early morning, when the sun shines from the east. So you should plan at least one night in the valley.

From Stanley, s75 follows the Salmon River to Challis Idaho, where the road terminates at the junction with u93.

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Context: On the Road

Sawtooth Mountains (57 pictures) The road provides numerous opportunities to photograph the Sawtooth.

Salmon River (137 pictures) Scenic Route 75 follows the Salmon River from Galena Summit to Challis.

Stanley, Idaho (17 pictures) Stanley Idaho is at the north end of the Sawtooth Range.

Clayton, Idaho (6 pictures) Clayton, Idaho is a small mining town on the river between Stanley and Challis.

Challis, Idaho (17 pictures) S75 rejoins US-93 outside Challis.

Highway 93 (207 pictures) U93 is the faster route between Challis and Twin Falls. It follows the Lost River, and gives you a view of Mt Borah.


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