Highway 30

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US 30US 30 (04/09/2002) Near the junction of S34 and U30 ... heading toward Soda Springs.

Hudspeth CutoffHudspeth Cutoff (04/09/2002) Look toward the Hudspeth Cutoff.

US30US30 (04/09/2002) There is a substantial drop between Fish Creek and Lava.

Highway 30Highway 30 (04/09/2002)

Hudspeth s CutoffHudspeth s Cutoff (04/09/2002) The Hudspeth cutoff crossed this pass through the Caribou mountains to save the northward track through Fort Hall.

Caribou MoutainsCaribou Moutains (04/09/2002) Near fish creek summit in the Caribou Mountains on US 30.

U30 into LavaU30 into Lava (04/09/2002) US 30 clings to the North Slope of the Portneuf Drainage above Lava Hot Springs.

Lava Hot SpringsLava Hot Springs (04/09/2002) Standing on Highway 30, looking into Lava Hot Springs.

Caribou MountainsCaribou Mountains (04/09/2002)

Mountain ShoulderMountain Shoulder (04/09/2002) One of the mountain shoulders overlooking Lava Hot Springs. Highway 30 by passes the town on the North.

Portneuf BridgePortneuf Bridge (04/09/2002) West of Lava Hot Springs.

Hudspeth s CutoffHudspeth s Cutoff (04/09/2002) US 30 crosses Fish Creek Pass a little bit north of the Hudspeth cutoff. This cutoff became the main route for the Oregon Trail. Weary travellers would stop for a soak at Lava Hot Springs.

Portneuf ValleyPortneuf Valley (04/09/2002) Looking into the Portneuf Valley from US 30

1-13 Pictures

U.S. Highway 30

US30 through Wyoming and Idaho is much like historic route 66 through Arizona, and New Mexico. It was the old highway across the US, winding its way through the center of many western towns. Its traffic has been usurped by Interstate 80 and Interstate 84. However, you can still have some adventures when you get off the Interstate and onto the old road.

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Context: On the Road

Interstate 84 (56 pictures) I86 and I84 replaced highway 30 through Idaho and Oregon. The freeway starts at Pocatello and runs through Portland.

Lava Hot Springs (63 pictures) Lava Hot Springs is a spa and resort town in the Caribou mountains east of Pocatello.

Twin Falls, Idaho (18 pictures) Highway 30 runs south of the Snake River through Twin Falls. A short detour will bring you past both the Twin Falls and Shoshoni falls.


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