Highway 93

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Bridge over the SpillwayBridge over the Spillway (03/12/2011) The old u93 bridge over the Hoover Dam Spillway makes for an interesting study in concrete.

Old 93Old 93 (03/12/2011) For years US 93 ran along the crest of Hoover Dam in a continuous traffic jam. Now the crest of the dam is a pleasant walk.

Bypass Project PlaqueBypass Project Plaque (03/12/2011) A plaque commemorates the completion of the U93 Hoover Bypass Bridge connecting Nevada and Arizona with a state of the art bridge in 2010.

Pedestrian WayPedestrian Way (03/12/2011) A substantial pedestrian way on US93 provides a view of the Hoover Dam.

US93US93 (03/12/2011) Looking North in Nevada on the US 93 Bypass Bridge.

US93US93 (03/12/2011) US93 crossing the Colorado River.

US93 Bypass BridgeUS93 Bypass Bridge (03/12/2011) There is a little bit of elevation to this bridge spanning the Black Canyon of the Colorado at Hoover Dam.

The Bypass BridgeThe Bypass Bridge (03/12/2011) The bypass bridge viewed from the Hoover Dam Parking Lot.

Handsome Couples in a Handsome CarHandsome Couples in a Handsome Car (03/12/2011) This set of handsome couples in a handsome car asked me to take their photo with their camera. In return for the favor, I took one with my camera.

U93 crossing Flathead Lake at PolsonU93 crossing Flathead Lake at Polson (10/25/2007) US 93 crossing Flathead Lake at Polson, Mt

Polson BridgePolson Bridge (10/25/2007) This long bridge on US93 spans a cove of Flathead Lake at Polson, Montana.

Recreation DockRecreation Dock (10/25/2007) This dock at Polson shelters a little swimming area for people who want to dip their toes in Flathead Lake. The image includes the US93 Bridge.

Polson FloralPolson Floral (10/25/2007) A gold cruiser parks in front of Polson Floral and Gifts.

Lost River MountainsLost River Mountains (05/10/2010) The Lost River Mountains viewed from near Mackay Reservoir, possibly Mount McCaleb.

Lost River MountainsLost River Mountains (05/10/2010) The Lost River Mountains viewed from near Mackay Reservoir.

Idaho MountainsIdaho Mountains (05/10/2010) US 93 provides a view of the relatively unspoiled Lost River Mountains.

Montana MistMontana Mist (10/25/2007) A misty day on U93 near Flathead Lake.

Mission Mountains in MistMission Mountains in Mist (10/25/2007) The Mission Mountains in a mist

Flathead in MistFlathead in Mist (10/25/2007) Flathead Lake in a mist.

Best Western PolsonBest Western Polson (10/25/2007) The Polson Best Western offers lodging on the South shores of Flathead Lake.

207 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 80-100 , 100-120 , 120-140 , 140-160 , 160-180 , 180-200 , 200-207

Highway 93 winds its way from Arizona, through Nevada, Idaho and Montana, and finally into Canada. Much of the route is marked as a scenic byway and provides some spectacular views Mount Borah in Idaho and the Mission Mountains in Western Montana.

Context: On the Road

Hamilton, Montana (59 pictures) in the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana

Darby, Montana. (26 pictures) Twenty Miles north of the Montana, Idaho border, Darby is a classic western town.

Salmon River (137 pictures) Going South, US93 drops into the Salmon River Valley at North Fork, Idaho--just before the Salmon turns east into the River of No Return.

Salmon, Idaho (84 pictures) The Salmon River Valley opens at the bustling western town of Salmon, Idaho

Challis, Idaho (17 pictures) From Salmon, US 93 twists its way up the scene Salmon Canyon gorge. At Challis, the Salmon River heads south to its headwaters in the Sawtooth Mountains.

Mount Borah (46 pictures) U93 follows the Big Lost River from Willow Creak Summit to Arco, giving you a spectacular view of the Lost River Range and Mount Borah, the Highest Peak in Idaho.

Salmon River Bridge (37 pictures) Island Park in Salmon, Idaho offers visitors a good place to view the river and take pictures of the historic Salmon River Bridge.

Missoula, Montana (62 pictures) U93 meets I90 at Missoula.

Twin Falls, Idaho (18 pictures) The road crosses the spectacular Perrine Memorial Bridge over the Snake River Gorge...just north of Twin Falls.

Flathead Lake (39 pictures) US 93 runs to the West of South Head Lake. This scenic drive gives you grand vistas of the Swan and Mission Mountains across the lake.

Bigfork Montana (61 pictures) You have the choice of taking 35 or 93 around Flathead Lake. Highway 35 brings you past the beautiful art city of Bigfork Montana.

Carmen, Idaho (12 pictures) Highway 93 passes Carmen Idaho just north of Salmon.

Salmon River Drive (79 pictures) The Salmon River Road continues to follow the Salmon River west of North Fork, Idaho.

North Fork, Idaho (15 pictures) Highway 93 leaves the Salmon River Valley and begins the climb to the Continental Divide along the North Fork of the Salmon River at North Fork.

Gibbonsville, Idaho (13 pictures) is on U93, a few miles south of the Montana border.

Sula, Montana (5 pictures) Sula is a small town north of the Montana border.

Stevensville, Montana (43 pictures) Stevensville, Montana is about 2 miles west of the new highway 93. Travelers looking for a quiet getaway should take the trip through the Saint Mary's Mission and Historic Fort Owens in Stevensville.


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