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Virginia DaleVirginia Dale (05/25/2007) This historic post office on U287 in Northern Colorado is named for the Virginia Dale stage stop on the Overland Trail.

US287US287 (05/25/2007) Northbound on U287 at Virginia Dale.

BouldersBoulders (05/25/2007) An outcropping of boulders on US287 in Northern Colorado.

PeasPeas (05/25/2007) White flowers with characteristics of the Pea Family photographed on US287 at Virginia Dale.

Virginia Dale Post OfficeVirginia Dale Post Office (05/25/2007) The Virginia Dale Post Office has seen better days.

MemorialMemorial (05/25/2007) The Virginia Dale Memorial plaque on US 287

Table Mountain RanchTable Mountain Ranch (05/25/2007) Table Mountain Ranch on US287.

US 287US 287 (05/25/2007) US 287 passes large fields of boulders near Virginia Dale.

Rest StopRest Stop (05/25/2007) A rest stop on US 287 in Northern Colorado.

Rest AreaRest Area (05/25/2007)

Primrose?Primrose? (05/25/2007) These small flowers were growing in abundance at a rest stop on U287. Road crews mow the area, which is the reason for the damage to the leaves.

Mystery FlowerMystery Flower (05/25/2007) These flowers grew in abundance at a rest stop on U287. Our guess is that they are a member of the primrose family.

Rest StopRest Stop (05/25/2007) Covered Picnic tables sit among boulders at a rest stop on U287.

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US 287

US 287 is an importantant transportation route that connects diagonally from I80 in Laramie, Wyoming to I25 in Fort Collins, Colorado. If you were traveling between the Northwest. As 287 cuts diagonally between two major freeways, it is a popular shortcut on many interstate routes.

US287 takes the driver through an interesting collection of boulder covered rolling hills and provides several intriguing vistas of Rocky Mountain National Park. The road provides access to the Feathers Lakes area of the Northern Rockies and a variety of other recreational opportunities.

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