Highway 89

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500 South and State500 South and State (07/04/2009) Driving toward the Capitol Building on State Street. 500 South is a one way street that feeds I15.

Mount OgdenMount Ogden (04/09/2002) Mount Ogden towers over Ogden, Utah.

Rocky PointRocky Point (04/09/2002) The remains of the Rocky Point restaurant towers over US 89 in Mount Pleasant. It was built by Scott Crabtree in the 60s and mysteriously burned down in 1965. The was used as the Rocky Point haunted house for several years.

Mountain WallMountain Wall (04/09/2002) A view from I15 near Ogden.

Dramatic CliffDramatic Cliff (04/09/2002) A dramatic cliff in the Ogden area.

HoneyvilleHoneyville (04/09/2002)

ConstructionConstruction (04/09/2002) I was curious about how different software programs would handle the details of this roof top.

Washington BoulevardWashington Boulevard (08/15/2004) Washington Boulevard (US 89) in Ogden, Utah.

Downtown OgdenDowntown Ogden (08/15/2004) Looking down Washington Boulevard in Ogden.

Washington BoulevardWashington Boulevard (08/15/2004) Watch out for people taking photos while they drive.

Spine of the MountainsSpine of the Mountains (04/09/2002) The strata of the Wasatch stands out like a spine in this view near Mount Pleasant.

Wasatch RidgeWasatch Ridge (04/09/2002) In the northern wasatch, near mount pleasant.

Washington BoulevardWashington Boulevard (08/15/2004) Washington Boulevard (U89) in Ogden, Utah.

Peery s Egyptian TheatrePeery s Egyptian Theatre (08/15/2004) Peery's Egyptian Theatre on Washington Boulevard in downtown Ogden.

Adams Avenue ParkwayAdams Avenue Parkway (08/15/2004) Adams Avenue is a toll road in the Ogden Area. They have a nice little parking where the poor folk can turn around and head back to the overcrowded US89.

I84 / US89I84 / US89 (08/15/2004) Intersection of I84 and US 89 at Weber Canyon.

Cache County CourthouseCache County Courthouse (03/01/2007) The historic Cache County Courthouse in Logan Utah was built in 1883. It is currently used as a visitor information center.

Logan TabernacleLogan Tabernacle (03/01/2007) The Logan Tabernacle is on Main Street in downtown Logan, Utah.

Washington BoulevardWashington Boulevard (04/30/2008) Looking toward Ben Lomond Peak on Washington Boulevard in Ogden.

Washington BoulevardWashington Boulevard (04/30/2008) Looking toward downtown on Washington Boulevard in OGden.

1-20 Pictures

Highway US 89

Highway 89 is a primary north/south route in the Western United States. In the early design of the US highway system, highways would run through the center of town. As such, US89 is the main drag in towns throughout the western US. The Interstate system was designed to bypass such bottle necks. Interstate 15 parallels US 89. Sometimes the two roads overlap.

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Context: On the Road

State Street-Salt Lake City (248 pictures) U89 takes on the State Street through the Salt Lake Valley. This is one of the largest continuous shopping strips in the world.

Ogden, Utah (176 pictures) Highway 89 is called Washington Boulevard in Ogden, Utah

Interstate 15 (87 pictures) Interstate 15 parallels US 89.

Logan, Utah (42 pictures) US89 and US91 join to form Logan's Main Street.


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