Highway 95

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One the RoadOne the Road (03/12/2002) The ski finally begins to clear south of Moscow.

LewistonLewiston (03/12/2002) U95 does a rather dramatic drop into the Lewiston Valley, where the Snake meets the Clearwater.

Snake RiverSnake River (03/12/2002) This shot captures the old U95 winding its way into Lewiston. You can see both the Clearwater and Snake Rivers.

US 95US 95 (03/12/2002)

LewistonLewiston (03/12/2002) This shot of Lewiston is pretty much like the last, except I caught a corner of old U95 as it snakes its way into the valley.

LewistonLewiston (03/12/2002)

Car CollectionCar Collection (03/12/2002) To make your gift shop look open, you can park a bunch of old delapidated cars in front.

Drainage PatternsDrainage Patterns (03/12/2002)

North of GrangervilleNorth of Grangerville (03/12/2002) US 95, outside Grangerville.

Twisting Through CanyonsTwisting Through Canyons (03/12/2002)

Ice formationsIce formations (03/12/2002) Water seeping through a road cut on highway 95 makes for some interesting ice patterns, and a slick spot on the road.

High Mountain MeadowsHigh Mountain Meadows (03/12/2002) Highway 95 passes through a number of high mountain meadows.

Mountain MeadowsMountain Meadows (03/12/2002)

Mountain MeadowsMountain Meadows (03/12/2002)

Highway 95Highway 95 (03/12/2002) State road 55 and highway 95 part company at New Meadows. Highway 55 heads through McCall to Boise, US95 beelines it to I84.

DuskDusk (04/09/2002)

Old RoadOld Road (03/12/2002) The old road winds down the hills into Lewiston. It looks like this would be a great trek for road bikes.

LewistonLewiston (03/12/2002) The old winding version of U95.

Vintage TrainsVintage Trains (03/12/2002) Lewiston celebrates its history as a transportation hub with this vintage train and caboose in its park.

Melody MufflersMelody Mufflers (03/12/2002) A good name for a muffler shop.

Little SalmonLittle Salmon (03/12/2002) The little Salmon River appears to be a little frozen.

Elk BendElk Bend (02/09/2001) Elk Bend is a small RV camp on the Salmon River between Salmon and Challis

1-22 Pictures

US Highway 95

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Context: On the Road

Interstate 90 (1 pictures) US95 intersects Interstate 90 near Coeur D'Alene, Idaho.

Moscow, Idaho (35 pictures) US 95 passes through the college town of Moscow, Idaho-home of the University of Idaho Vandals.

Lewiston, Idaho (29 pictures) US95 dips into the bustling port city of Lewiston, Idaho.

Clearwater River (6 pictures) The road follows the Clearwater River through the Nez Perce Reservation.


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