Daniel Summit

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Daniel SummitDaniel Summit (05/20/2007) Entrance sign for Daniel Summit on US 40.

Daniel SummitDaniel Summit (05/20/2007) This picture shows US40 going over Daniel Summit in the Uintah Mountains.

Mountain CabinMountain Cabin (05/20/2007) A large resort cabin in the Daniel Summit Area.

Resort CabinsResort Cabins (05/20/2007) Resort cabins in the Daniel Summit area on US 40.

Daniel Summit ResortDaniel Summit Resort (05/20/2007) The back side of Daniel Summit Resort.

Log ConstructionLog Construction (05/20/2007) This picture of the east side of Daniel Summit Resort shows some interesting details of log construction.

Resort EntranceResort Entrance (05/20/2007) The main entrace to the Daniel Summit Resort.

Daniel Summit MerchantileDaniel Summit Merchantile (05/20/2007) The general store at Daniel Summit

Daniel Summit MerchantileDaniel Summit Merchantile (05/20/2007) There is a general store and restaurant alongside the Daniel Summit Resort.

Main EntranceMain Entrance (05/20/2007) The main entrance to Daniel Summit.

Daniel Summit HorsesDaniel Summit Horses (05/20/2007) Horses at Daniel Summit

Daniel SummitDaniel Summit (05/20/2007) Daniel Summit Resort.

Lodgepole GrillLodgepole Grill (05/20/2007) Lodgepole Grill at Daniel Summit.

Bear StatueBear Statue (05/20/2007) A bear statue at Daniel Summit.

Daniel Summit on US 40Daniel Summit on US 40 (05/20/2007) Daniel Summit at US 40.

Daniel Summit SignDaniel Summit Sign (05/20/2007) This picture shows the sign for Daniel Summit on US40.

Ski TrailSki Trail (05/20/2007) A ski trail at Daniel Summit.

Shooting StarShooting Star (05/20/2007) Dodecatheon clevelandii (Shooting Star) was in bloom on Daniel Summit on U40.

Shooting StarShooting Star (05/20/2007) Shooting Star in bloom at Daniel Summit.

ButtercupsButtercups (05/20/2007) Butter Cups in bloom near Daniel Summit on US40.

ButtercupButtercup (05/20/2007) Buttercup in bloom on Daniel Summit.

ButtercupButtercup (05/20/2007) A closeup of a buttercup on Daniel Summit.

Cabin in the WoodsCabin in the Woods (05/20/2007) A stately cabin in the Daniel Summit Area on US 40.

Daniel Summit LodgeDaniel Summit Lodge (05/20/2007) Daniel Summit Lodge on US40

Dandelion FieldDandelion Field (05/20/2007) The disturbed soil at Daniel Summit is an ideal location for Dandelions.

1-25 Pictures

Daniel Summit

This gallery shows pictures from the Daniel Summit area on US 40 in the Uinta Mountains on US 40.


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