Interstate 70

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i70 in the San Rafael Reefi70 in the San Rafael Reef (09/19/2002) I 70 descends into the Green River Valley (heading east). The outer shell of San Raphael Reef is a large uplift of Navajo Sandstone.

The Book Cliffs from i70The Book Cliffs from i70 (09/19/2002) The Book Cliffs from Interstate 70 east of Green River, UT.

The Book Cliffs from Interstate 70The Book Cliffs from Interstate 70 (09/19/2002) The Book Cliffs from I 70 east of Green River, UT.

Mount GarfieldMount Garfield (09/20/2002) Mount Garfield, just outside the Palisades.

Glenwood CanyonGlenwood Canyon (09/21/2002) Glenwood Canyon in Central Colorado offers numerous views of interesting side canyons.

TunnelsTunnels (09/21/2002) Interstate 70 cuts through many tunnels.

Tunnel VisionTunnel Vision (09/21/2002)

Glenwood CanyonGlenwood Canyon (09/21/2002) I70 in Glenwood Canyon is a remarkable feat of engineering with two elevated lanes and a bicycle path below.

Glenwood CanyonGlenwood Canyon (09/21/2002) Heading toward a distant tunnel on I70.

Glenwood CanyonGlenwood Canyon (09/21/2002) The traffic moves along at a fair clip. The canyon has more than its fair share of beautiful scenery, but you can't get out of the car to enjoy it.

Colorado RiverColorado River (09/21/2002)

I70 Rest AreaI70 Rest Area (09/21/2002) The rest areas and walkways along I70 and the Colorado River provide a good place to stretch the legs.

Red RocksRed Rocks (09/21/2002) The rocks along this section of I70 have a rich red hue.

I70I70 (09/21/2002)

Rocky MountainsRocky Mountains (09/21/2002)

MorrisonMorrison (09/25/2002) The Morrison Formation is named for Morrison, Colorado. The road cut on I70 (just west of Denver) provides a good change to examine the formation in detail. This is the same exit as the Mother Cabrini Shrine.

Cabrini ShrineCabrini Shrine (09/25/2002) The statue of Jesus overlooks the travelers on I70 at the Cabrini Shrine, just west of Denver.

Interstate 70Interstate 70 (09/25/2002) Interstate 70 viewed from the Cabrini Shrine.

I70 WestboundI70 Westbound (09/25/2002) I70 enters the Rockies, west of Denver, Colorado.

I70 WestboundI70 Westbound (09/25/2002) West of Denver.

51 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-51

Interstate 70

i70 is one of the major East West Corridors in the United States. The road branches from I15 in Utah, then crosses the Wasatch Mountains, San Rafael Swell and enters Colorado near Grand Junction. The road works its way through the Rocky Mountains and enters the great plains near Denver, Colorado. Heading East, I70 passes through Kansas City, Saint Louis, Indianapolis, Columbus and terminates in Baltimore, Md.


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Context: On the Road

Interstate 15 (87 pictures) I70 branches from I15 near Cove Fort in the Middle of Utah. I15 South leads through Las Vegas to LA. I15 north leads through Salt Lake on the way to Canada.

Desolation Canyon (169 pictures) Looking north (just east of Green River, Utah) you will see Gunnison Butte as the Green River breaks through the Book Cliffs. This is the take out for the Desolation Gray Canyon. Gray canyon is a popular place for day rafting trips in Utah.

Fruita, Colorado (29 pictures) Fruita is one of the first exits (going East) in Colorado. Famous for its fruit and dinosaurs, you will want to stop to stretch your legs and get a free map at the Colorado Welcome Center.

Green River, Utah (15 pictures) Green River is the first major town (going west) on I70 in Utah.

San Rafael Swell (18 pictures) I70 crosses the San Rafael Swell in Central Utah. This is by far the most scenic portion of the trip, and you will want to give yourself an hour or so to stop at each of the scenic overlooks.

Mother Cabrini Shrine (15 pictures) The Statue of the Sacred Heart overlooks I70 just west of Denver.

Idaho Springs, Colorado (9 pictures) Idaho Springs, Colorado is west of Denver.

Arches National Park (151 pictures) Arches National Park is roughly 30 miles south of Interstate 70 on highway 191. If you are planning a cross country trip, you will want to take the detour through Arches and Moab.

Cisco, Utah (22 pictures) Cisco is a ghost town south of interstate 70 near the Utah/Colorado border.

Grand Junction, Colorado (95 pictures) Grand Junction is the primary city on the Western Slope of Colorado.

Cove Fort (19 pictures) Historic Cove Fort is at Exit 1 on I70. This is a restored pioneer fort.


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