Lake Bonneville Rest Stop

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Lake Bonneville StopLake Bonneville Stop (06/06/2009) The Lake Bonneville Rest Stop on I84.

I84 Rest StopI84 Rest Stop (06/06/2009) The east bound side of the Bonneville Rest Stop looks similar to the west bound.

Rest Stop and Quonset HutRest Stop and Quonset Hut (06/06/2009) The rest stop has large holders for materials used to sand the roads.

Picnic TablePicnic Table (06/06/2009) One of the covered picnic tables at the Bonneville Rest Stop on I84 in Southern Idaho.

Bonneville Rest StopBonneville Rest Stop (06/06/2009) A rest stop reminds travellers that this was beach front property on Lake Bonneville a short 15k years ago.

Lake BonnevilleLake Bonneville (06/06/2009) This was once valuable beach front property on the shores of Lake Bonneville. The lake shrunk is a spat of climate change some 14 millennia in the past.

Rest Stop TrailRest Stop Trail (06/06/2009) The trail winds through sturdy, well maintained picnic tables.

Rest Stop ViewRest Stop View (06/06/2009) This section of Southern Idaho features small rolling hills covered by juniper.

Idaho Rest StopIdaho Rest Stop (06/06/2009) The Bonneville Rest Stop on I84 in Southern Idaho has clean facilities.

Picnic TablePicnic Table (06/06/2009) The rest stop has sturdy covered picnic tables for travelers.

Rest StopRest Stop (06/06/2009) The rest stop on I84 is a good place to stop, have a picnic and stretch the legs.

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Bonneville Rest Stop

On a trip from Salt Lake to Boise and back, we stopped to stretch our legs and use the facilities at the Bonneville Rest Stop on I84 just North of the Utah/Idaho Border.

I took a few shots simply to justify owning a camera.

The rest stop is near Longitude -112.90834 and Latitude 42.07373,-112.90834 (Google Map.

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