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Slate CliffSlate Cliff (06/08/2006) This slate cliff was uncovered to make the Big Cottonwood canyon road.

Jordanelle Dam and Road CutJordanelle Dam and Road Cut (06/03/2006) The Jordanelle Dam and a major road cut on the Provo River.

Road ConstructionRoad Construction (06/02/2002) The road crews are moving mountains.

Sula Road CutSula Road Cut (06/02/2002) A road cut on U93 in Sula, Montana.

Mississipian MarbleMississipian Marble (06/08/2006) A road cut uncovers a layer of Mississipian Marble in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Kayenta LayerKayenta Layer (10/01/2006) A road cut exposes the Kayenta Formation which has layers of silt and sand deposits.

Road CutRoad Cut (10/01/2006) This road cut in Cedar Canyon exposes some relatively recent Sandstone. It is interesting how this chalky stone has eroded since the digging of the road cut.

1-7 Pictures

Road Cuts

Americans excel at moving earth. This gallery contains pictures of road cuts. Road cuts often stand out as ugly eye sores in otherwise prestine environments. In a few cases road cuts uncover the under lying geology allowing travelers a first hand look at the marvelous geological processes that formed this planet.

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