Snow Shoveling

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Snow Keeps ComingSnow Keeps Coming (01/11/2013) Today's snow started forming on mushroom shaped pile on the bird bath.

Snow Pile at NightSnow Pile at Night (02/01/2013) I added a few inches to the snow pile after the storm ended.

Snow ShovelingSnow Shoveling (02/01/2013) The tough part of shoveling snow is getting it over the snow pile.

A Job Well DoneA Job Well Done (02/01/2013) The snow pile is approaching 9 feet and the snow season has just begun.

Snow Build UpSnow Build Up (02/01/2013) This garbage can shows the snow build up for 2013.

Mount OlympusMount Olympus (02/01/2013) Okay, my snow pile doesn\'t measure against the grandeur of Mount Olympus ... yet!

Mount OlympusMount Olympus (02/01/2013) The view from the porch.

Ceres DriveCeres Drive (02/01/2013) Looking up Ceres Drive to Neff Canyon on the first clear day after the snow.

January IciclesJanuary Icicles (01/25/2013) 2013 was a great year for icicles. These formed on the South Facing side of the house ... which is rare.

South Facing IciclesSouth Facing Icicles (01/25/2013) The sun reflecting off icicles on the front porch. We usually don't get icecycles on the South Side of the house like this.

Icicles Through the WindowIcicles Through the Window (01/25/2013) Icicles formed outside the house's front window.

Long IciclesLong Icicles (01/25/2013) Long icicles on the South side of the house in 2013. The ones on the back side are actually longer but had broken off.

Icicles and BricksIcicles and Bricks (01/25/2013) Contrasting iciles, bricks and a handsome rock chimney.

One Dog DeepOne Dog Deep (01/11/2013) The snow appears to be about one dog deep.

Deep Powder FetchDeep Powder Fetch (01/11/2013) The difficult part of playing fetch in deep powder is finding the ball.

SnowblowerSnowblower (01/11/2013) The neighbors have a loud snowblower.

Snow BlowerSnow Blower (01/11/2013) A person snowplowing snow in Salt Lake City.

A shoveled walkA shoveled walk (01/11/2013) Me, I prefer the traditional snow shovel.

Folk`s HouseFolk`s House (01/11/2013) The folk\'s house after a January snow.

Crouching in the SnowCrouching in the Snow (01/11/2013) Coco crouches in the snow waiting for me to toss the ball again.

37 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-37

The Art of Snow Shoveling

Snow is frozen water. "The art of snow shoveling" is a matter of figuring out where the water goes.

I live in the Salt Lake area. The county, bless their hearts, heaps salt on the road to help keep the streets clear of ice.

I had the habit of just pushing snow to the side of the driveway without thought about the run off.

One year I accidentally built a dam that caused the water from the street to run into a garden area. The salt killed the garden. It took several years for the garden to recover.

Since the garden incident, I started paying attention to snow melt and realized that the art of shoveling snow is controlling the run off from the melt.

The next year, I began paying attention to snowmelt and realized that the art of snow shoveling is matter of controlling the run off.

Paying attention to the snowmelt makes shoveling a great deal easier and it saves resources.

My first objective in snowshoveling is to channel all of the salty water into the county's drainage system. They are the one's who put the salt on the roads; so they should be the ones to deal with the salt.

So, I start shoveling by cleaning out the gutters that take the salty water away. I discovered that, by cleaning the gutters first, any water held by the snow will drain away ... making the snow substantially lighter. By cleaning a path for the water to flow away, I reduce problems with loose water refreezing into solid ice.

Now, I happen to live Utah, which is an arid state. Each year we spend hundreds of dollars watering the garden and lawn. To save money, I want all of the fresh water from the snowmelt to melt into the garden.

So, I designed a system of snow piles so that any salty water goes into the drain, but any fresh water melts into a garden.

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