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April Snow ShowersApril Snow Showers (04/09/2017) It happens every April. Flowering fruit trees blossom across the Salt Lake Valley to be burdened with a late April snow. The blossoming limbs are being pulled down by a heavy snow. Many trees actually snapped today.

Fall TreeFall Tree (10/25/2013) The fall colors enhance the shape of this tree.

Ponderosa PinePonderosa Pine (06/01/2002) A Ponderosa Pine on the Banks of the Salmon River in Central Idaho.

AspenAspen (07/04/2001) Aspen on the Grand Mesa in Central Colorado.

CottonwoodCottonwood (09/02/2004) The trees in Parley's Hollow have their own unique character.

Fall FolliageFall Folliage (09/21/2002) Fall folliage along Crystal Creek in central Colorado.

Modified FenceModified Fence (09/28/2004) Rather than forcing trees to conform to our ideas of property boundaries, we should conform to the trees proper sense of space.

Ferguson Canyon ForestFerguson Canyon Forest (01/20/2006) The forest in the lower canyon.

Desert MoonDesert Moon (10/15/2005)

Tree AnatomyTree Anatomy (04/27/2006) This dug out stump provides an interesting looking into the anatomy of a tree.

Gnarled TreeGnarled Tree (10/15/2005) A beautiful gnarled desert tree in Arches.

CottonwoodCottonwood (09/02/2002) Taking a break under a Cottonwood.

Mountain MahoganyMountain Mahogany (07/21/2006) Mountain Mahogany (Cercocarpus spp.) along the Grandeur Peak Trail.

Maple LeavesMaple Leaves (10/01/2006) A smattering of Maple Leaves seen on Taylor Creek. Maple are in the Sapindaceae family.

Oak LeavesOak Leaves (10/01/2006) The oak leaves were a stunning rusted yellow.

More Maple LeavesMore Maple Leaves (10/01/2006) More bright red maple leaves!

Tree TrunksTree Trunks (09/05/2007)

Panicled GoldenraintreePanicled Goldenraintree (10/02/2007) The Panicled Goldenraintree (Koelreuteria paniculata) is a member of the Sapindaceae (soaptree) family.

Tree TrimmingTree Trimming (10/25/2007) A crew trims the trees around power lines. Planting trees below powerlines is a really bad idea.

Tree TrimmersTree Trimmers (10/25/2007) This guy didn\'t want me to take his picture. I did simply to remind people that planting trees near powerlines is dangerous. The power company has to send crews to cut the things back.

Fallen TreeFallen Tree (01/09/2008) This tree was blown over during a wind storm near our house.

Snowball TreeSnowball Tree (04/15/2009) A snow storm hits while the apricot trees bloom creating a snowball tree ... such is Spring in Utah.

Olympus StumpOlympus Stump (03/26/2016) An invasive bark beetle is devastating pine trees in Salt Lake. This stump in Millcreek Utah commemorates a tree that fell victim to the beetle last summer.

Weeping TreeWeeping Tree (04/09/2017) This is a fun ornamental tree. It might be a "Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar." The gardener has it trained to with two limbs ... one reaching into the front yard, the other in the back. What would you guess? 50 feet in each direction?

1-24 Pictures

Pictures of Trees

Plants come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The largest size of plant is the tree.

There really is not a set definition that perfectly distinquished between plant, bush and tree. Our internal guide simply tells us that trees have a single main trunk and cause us to look up.

Trees do not belong to the same genus or family. Almost all of the primary families of plants have species that qualify as trees.

Context: Nature

Flower Power (136 pictures) Trees number among the flowering plants.

Wildflowers (123 pictures) Here are pictures of wildflowers.

Salicaceae Family (44 pictures) The Salicaceae family includes Aspen, Poplar, Willow and Cottonwood.

Pinaceae Family (19 pictures) The Pine Family includes a variety of evergreen trees.

Fagaceae Family (11 pictures) The Beech family includes the mighty oak tree.

Aceraceae Family (8 pictures) This gallery shows pictures of maple leaves.


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