Mushroom and Fungi

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Mushroom and YarrowMushroom and Yarrow (09/15/2013) A mushroom in grass and yarrow.

MushroomsMushrooms (06/06/2010) Mushrooms growing in the Presidents Circle at the University of Utah.

Viney MossViney Moss (08/25/2013) This Moss covered a good portion of the vacant field at Churchill. The groundskeepers mowed it all down. Perhaps it is an ornamental moss going wild.

Lawn Variety FungusLawn Variety Fungus (06/18/2009) The mushrooms are enjoying the unusually wet Spring. Our lawn is loaded with this guys.

Lawn MushroomsLawn Mushrooms (06/18/2009) Our lawn is lousy with mushrooms after the repeated rains.

Mushroom VillageMushroom Village (06/18/2009) A few minutes after taking this picture, a bozo with a gas power death machine mowed down this standing grover of mushrooms from the front yard. He then put a picture of the 'shrooms on a web site.

UndersideUnderside (06/18/2009) This is the underside of the mushrooms. You can tell a mushroom is poisonous by the fact that it didn't come in a box from the local grocery store.

FungiFungi (05/19/2006) The ground along the Bowman Trail switch backs was littered with these interesting orange peel size fungi.

FungiFungi (05/19/2006) These fungi were growing on a tree along the Bowman Trail in the Wasatch Mountains.

Cottonwood FungusCottonwood Fungus (05/10/2009) This multilayered mushroom finds a choice home in the trunk of a dying Cottonwood Tree.

Multilayered MushroomMultilayered Mushroom (05/10/2009) A mushroom infesting the trunk of a half dead Cottonwood tree.

MushroomsMushrooms (06/18/2009) The underside of a common mushroom.

MushroomMushroom (07/04/2009) A mushroom growing in Memory Grove.

White MushroomWhite Mushroom (09/15/2013) The mushrooms enjoyed the heavy Fall rains.

White MushroomWhite Mushroom (09/15/2013) A white mushroom after several days of heavy rain.

Lawn MushroomsLawn Mushrooms (09/15/2013) I took a shot of these two enchanting mushrooms growing in the yard a few minutes before mowing them down with a power lawn mower. BTW: I like Yarrow growing in the grass.

Oak Tree MushroomOak Tree Mushroom (10/28/2017) This mushroom was growing out of a recently deceased oak tree.

1-17 Pictures

Mushrooms and Fungi

Mushrooms need love too. This gallery includes images of wild fungi that I encounter on trips.

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