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Penstemon Going to SeedPenstemon Going to Seed (07/01/2006) A Penstemon going to seed.

Anemone going to SeedAnemone going to Seed (07/01/2006) An anemone going to seed.

CoreopsisCoreopsis (07/01/2006) This picture combines images of the Coreopsis with seed pods.

Blanket Flower Going to SeedBlanket Flower Going to Seed (07/01/2006) The Blanket Flower going to seed.

SeedsSeeds (05/19/2006) A healthy grove of an identified species growing along the Bowman Trail.

Stages of the Blanket FlowerStages of the Blanket Flower (07/09/2006) This picture shows various stages of the Indian Blanket Flower (Gaillardia spp.) from flower to seed.

Rocky Mountain PenstemonRocky Mountain Penstemon (07/09/2006) The fruit of the Rocky mountain penstemon is often a deep marroon.

Flax going to SeedFlax going to Seed (07/09/2006) Flax going to seed.

Geranium Seed PodsGeranium Seed Pods (07/09/2006) Geranium Seed Pods look like crane bills.

Goats BeardGoats Beard (07/13/2006) Goats Beard ready for dispersal.

Devil in a BasketDevil in a Basket (06/08/2006) The fruit of the Love-in-a-mist flower is sometimes called Devil in a Basket. The dried fruit of this flower is often used in floral arrangements.

Love In a Mist FruitLove In a Mist Fruit (06/08/2006) The Love in a Mist fruit is often used in floral arrangements.

1-12 Pictures

Going to Seed

The flower is only part of the magic of plants. This gallery shows pictures of plants going to seed.

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